Friday, January 30, 2009

pressure, pressure.

This is a baby. He is not my baby...he is my sisters. I stole his pictures because I'm like that. He is a whole year old now!

I've always wanted to be a momma. Have a family. Let me tell you that the pressure is coming from all sides right now. WOW. Feel it! My MIL asks everytime she talks to the husband where our first baby is. Both my SIL's are preggers. I'm on a military base. The military is FULL of babies. Every time I look for baby presents to buy for those around me that are about to pop I feel a little sting of longing. Etsy has an awesome selection of very cool homemade baby products. I look and see all those cute little things that I want for MY babies. Sigh.

Only one problem. We haven't decided to reproduce yet. We'll do it in our own time since we're both a wee bit stubborn and likely to do what we want regardless of the situation. Husband and I will get pregnant when and how it happens. So stop pushing. Seriously. Let's release some pressure here. I'm putting most of it on myself...I know. But there's just so many good mommy blogs out there! When we do get a baby on the way I'll let you know. Until then I'm just gonna breathe a little deeper. And let it go for the moment. No pressure. Oh, and I'll love on my myriad of nieces and nephews. (Myriad...good word, don't deny it!)


  1. I have to go look up myriad...but thanks for using Tyler's picture. I forgot he was that little once. You may think there's pressure, but come 10 years from won't care about the pressure to reproduce right this minute. There are times now when I wonder what would be different if we'd not had kids, waited, all those what ifs. I wouldn't trade them for anything, even if offered. I love your neices and nephews also. But, I it in your own time. Baby sit, spoil other kids with your crazy love, and enjoy your time (what you get) with your hubby. Enjoy it.

    love you...

  2. Take your time, do whats right for you and the hubby. When the time is right, it will happen. And its always a lovely thought that once your done playing with other peoples babies they get to go home...