Friday, April 8, 2011

Sharing some love!

My coolest friend ever is holding a giveaway on her blog Planting Shade!!!

Go play along and do some reading too. She's pretty awesome and is one of my greatest inspirations to living a good God fearing life. She loves her puppies (and her husband) and her adventures in Germany. Far away from her Hawaii home she's learning to make the most of everything this life can offer.

The prize is a super cute pair of earrings so go share some love for a chance to win!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Two? Three months since I last posted? No idea. Not a clue. Nor am I really all that strung up on it. I am trying REALLY hard to limit my computer time so my child doesn't see mommy on the computer at all hours of the day (and night.) I always enjoy daybook posts though so I figure I'll share them when the mood strikes. Same as when any other posting mood strikes me. What can I say? I'm kind of hit or miss =)
Go visit The Simple Woman's Daybook for glances into others worlds or to find the template and write your own.


Outside my window...
A light rain turns on and off as it sees fit. It's a BEAUTIFUL spring day.

I am thinking...About going to our new stateside home in a few months and what new adventures that will being my family

I am thankful for...
My husbands love and guidance. I often continue to do things out of guilt or fear, but hearing him say, "Baby, you don't need to if you don't want to," always seems to end well.

From the learning rooms...
I don't know if we have a room to learn in per se, but Lucian and I are working on understanding each others words.
From the kitchen...
Fresh ginger in need of a home. Maybe some ginger cookies?

I am wearing...
Army sweatpants and a Hawaii t-shirt.

I am creating...
A piece of wall art for a friend. It is long and intricate...not the easiest thing I've made, but hopefully it will be beautiful.

I am going...Nowhere fast today. Little miss homebody at her best and thankful that I have that choice.

I am reading...
Taking Charge of Your Fertility...again. And some murder mystery because I love them.

I am hoping...
That the next month-ish flies by.

I am hearing...
Lucian driving his car around the house and squealing...his new favorite trick.

Around the house...I am working hard on getting everything kind of into an order so my husband doesn't return to complete chaos. Wish me luck. I'm an awful housekeeper.

One of my favorite things...
Sweet baby kisses even if they involve open mouth and some licking...he's still my baby.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Buying milk. Cuddling. Planting flowers. Cleaning. Breathing. and Waiting.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Hubs and I 1 year ago.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ok so Doubtful that I will actually participate in all 21 days since well...I'm a terrible procrastinator and such, but I will try my bestest to play along. (I didn't finish the 30 days about me blogging thing....or last months Peace on earth challenge {I did participate in each challenge just didn't blog about it}) I'm sure I can point out other situations where I slowly fall off at the end.....=D I'm like that. OK So really the entire point of this post is to point you towards A Bowl Full of Lemons Orgainizing bonanza! I'm excited to get more orgainized in the next couple months so that when my husband comes home he won't have to do (much) cleaning! Go check it out!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The handling of Jolly men...

Santa is a "fun" part of the holiday celebration, but he's not real. There isn't an overweight jolly man fighting down our (nonexistent) chimney followed by a fairy that takes little kids dirty teeth and a rabbit that gives away eggs that don't belong to it.

This is a conversation I had with a friend the other day. I've decided that Santa will not be a real figure in our house. It's not that I think he's the devil or a bad influence, in reality, I just don't want to lie to my child about anything, especially making a purposeful decision to do that. Saint Nicholas (the loose base for Santa) was an amazing and Holy man. His feast day is early in the month of December and that will be incorporated into our celebration. We will probably still go to the mall and sit on Santa's lap and tell him what we'd like, but it will be with the knowledge that we're playing! We're using our imagination ad pretending that Santa can tell if I'm naughty or nice and might bring me coal if I'm bad! *giggles* =) We'll handle other holiday creatures in the same fashion. It's tradition to put your teeth under the pillow so you can get money from the tooth fairy...but guess what *wink* Mommy is the tooth fairy! I feel like you can celebrate holidays without telling your children that fictional characters bring them stuff. It just takes some imagination!

One of the parts that does worry me about our "Santa choice" is that it's gonna be my son breaking other kids hearts when he informs them Santa is imaginary. So we will make a rule that very clearly states, that other children may believe in Santa (et al) and we do not get to tell them what we know. That is something for their mommy and daddy's to talk to them about. But really. All I want is for my children to trust me. To know I will tell them the truth and that I expect the same from them. So Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Daybook

Outside my window... The sky is lightening, though I can't see the sun.
I am thinking...About a nap schedule that allows us to help a new mother learn to breastfeed and attend Mass at 5
I am thankful for...Faith and courage. And the God stick that hit me when I realized it may not be easy, but it is right.
From the learning rooms...Lucian is participating in his first "crafts" though he does very little actual work =)
From the kitchen...Ham and Turkey for the next month. Thankful for leftovers.
I am wearing...Fuzzy brown pants, an Army thermal and flip flips
I am creating...A paper wreath found here.
I am and to the hospital and to mass.
I am reading...Do Not Go Gentle and a book about sexuality and Marriage in the Catholic tradition
I am praying...friends health, my husbands safety, patience with the dog
I am hearing...Dishwasher, Dog playing with a toy and Lucian squeaking
Around the house...I am working to improve my cleaning skills
One of my favorite things...snuggly babiesA few plans for the rest of the week:Make cookies, cookie exchange, babysit
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...My very helpful child ate some flour.
To read more wonderful daybooks this December as we prepare for Christmas go visit and please join in the fun!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Challenge! Week 2

Guess what?!? Week two of Women Living Well Peace on Earth Challenge is upon us! This week the challenge is to take a bubble bath. Soooo simple right? Yes...and no. How often do we as moms put ourselves to the background? A LOT. Sometimes ALWAYS! I'm not saying that the mom's that put themselves before the kids 100% of the time have it right either. They don't. But in nursing school I had a teacher tell me that If I don't take care of myself than eventually I'm not going to be able to look after others either. How true. Eventually I'm going to hit a wall. And that wall...will probably come at the worst possible moment. Like the Holidays....dun dun dun....

So this week I am going to give myself a little peace. When Lucian goes down for his nap (not at night since that is when I talk to my husband) I am going to climb my little behind into the bathtub with a candle lit and my bible. Maybe some classical music. Lights turned down. Maybe a peaceful book to enjoy. My husband is super awesome about sending me to rest when I wear down. He's a good man. With him gone, I'm not so good about it. So here goes nothing. A week where I put the mom guilt back where it belongs and enjoy some time of peace in both body and soul to prepare the way of the Lord.

Go check out Women Living Well and see how others are using this weeks challenge in their lives!

Monday, November 29, 2010

December Challenge!

I really enjoy reading Women Living Well especially when she hosts wonderful seasonal challenges! her December (Advent) challenge is for "Peace on Earth". Especially during this season, we have a tendency to gooooo, go, go and to worship in the church of stuff. Instead maybe we should just take the time to find peace in ourselves and in God's work around us. Prepare for the coming. Prepare for Christmas. I think this is the perfect challenge for the season and I am super excited to join in and get back to the basics of what Advent is all about.

Click on over and join in the challenge with me!

This weeks challenge is to write
I Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." on your calender so that when you look at your calender you have a visual reminder to let go of the stress and chaos. Part 2 is lighting a candle and using it as a reminder to pray everytime you see its light. Perfect.

I'm off to decorate the tree with Lucian and write a bible verse on my calender. Time to spread some Peace on Earth!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fill in!

As you may have noticed, I am SUPER consistent and on the ball. Ok that's a big 'ole load of...hooey? Oh well. I decided to play along with Wife of a Sailor with Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-in. Hooah! Go check her out and read everyone else's fun answers!

1. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs – such as food and water – were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
My family (pretty creative counting that as one thing huh? Just let me pretend...) and the a good cell phone/ipod with service.

2. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?
Ranch. Keep me covered so no one can see the goods.

3. If you had to live on a ranch, what kind of animals would you raise/own?
Goats for meat and grass cutting, chickens for meat and eggs, dogs, cats, a horse or cow or two. Let's make it a traditional homestead.

4. If your life was was portrayed as a movie, who would you choose to play you and your significant other?
I suck at pop culture. but I'll do my best. I want to be the lady that plays Penelope on Criminal Minds. She's awesome. And I like to pretend that if I were braver I could totally dress like her. And....Husband...sarcastic...hard to control...Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show! He's not necessarily an actor, but he'd still make a great attempt at my husband!

5. What was the last thing you put a stamp on (envelope, duh, but what was in the envelope)?
Christmas cards. A lot of them.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advent Calender

I made the boy child an advent calender. I found inspiration all over for all varieties, ways, shapes of them. I kind of fell in love with the magnetic one. I don't know why. I like magnets maybe? Who knows! Some people make them with cookie sheets...others with muffin pans...I used stove top covers. The rectangular kind that cover 2 burners. Little flimsy so not perfect for the job, but it works pretty well! I made 2 since I got 2 burner covers. I figure this Christmas I'll send one to papa so he can see what the little dude and I are up to, and in the future the next babe can use it! My magnets are kind of crappy. Mostly because I had to use a magnetic picture frame cut up...yea...don't ask. I ordered better magnets and I'm hoping they come soon so days will stop falling off. I made 28 days so that I can actually go along with advent and add or take away days as needed. And rather than candy I thought why not spread the best part of the season...LOVE. So we have 35 ideas to pick and choose from depending on the year. Some, like "Start a Christmas Tradition" I mean really, if you have 4 kids that get to start a tradition every year for 18 years that's....umm....72 traditions? A bit much... I got some ideas from here and some from here. And some I just made up on my own. (Sometimes I like to think I'm crafty!) Anyway, here is our "to-do" list and I am SO excited to start celebrating the season of Advent!

Watch a holiday classic.
Drive to see the lights.
Decorate the Christmas tree.
Read a Christmas story.
Make REAL eggnog.
Recycle some toys to share with others.
Write a list of 10 things you're thankful for. Share it.
Make a special card for someone you care about.
Make paper snowflakes.
Color a picture with only red and green.
Light a candle and say a prayer for loved ones far away.
Drink hot cocoa.
Listen to Christmas music. Sing along.
Bake cookies. Share them.
Write a letter to Santa.
Wrap gifts. Be creative!
Perform and act of service.
Share a Christmas memory. Ask others about theirs.
Take pictures around the Christmas tree.
Prepare the Advent wreath.
Spend time with your family. Play games. Cuddle.
Read about the birth of Jesus.
Make something beautiful. Give it away.
Decorate something other than the tree. use your imagination.
String popcorn for your tree. make extra. Eat it.
Give to Charity.
Kids choice! Pick one Christmas activity to enjoy with your family.
Attend a local holiday celebration.
Have a pic-nic around the Christmas tree. Start with dessert.
Put out a nativity scene.
Put up a wreath.

Merry Very Early Christmas. And Share the love the holiday season.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been a parent for all of 13 months now, and that, makes me an expert. Ha. HAHAHAHHA. OK, now that we've all laughed at how ridiculous that statement is, lets get back on topic.

Today, I let a 7 year old boy supervise my 1 year old in the play room of our local community center. This little boy is known for...raising hell. But, I have babysat him and he is asmart kid that just wants someone to pay attention. He listens to me, and I trust him to do what I ask of him. Before I left, I asked him if he would watch Lucian and come get me if for any reason Lucian started crying. He said yes. And guess what? He did! He did an awesome job, and when Lucian started crying because another little boy was hitting him, He took Lu away and came to get me. I left my son with a terror who I'd given responsibility, and both of them made it out the other side unscathed, and probably benefiting from the situation.

I am not a perfect parent. Occasionally, I let my son cry, because I just want to have a minute to myself. Sometimes, like today, he goes for much longer than the suggested time allotment between diaper changes. But, I think I m a good parent. I spent a large part of today observing multiple parent/child relationships, and here is what I learned....

Yelling at your child...constantly...probably not helpful, and often just makes me question your parenting.

While Children are not perfect, they generally want to please you and have your attention...give it to them!

Teaching your child to worry about their actions not the actions of others, can help them to behave.

If you watch the people your children behave for, maybe you can learn something...

Bad parents, aren't necessarily bad people, they just don't know what they're doing.

I can't parent other people's kids, but I can be a ray of sunshine for them.

Is there a real big life lesson here? Probably. But I can't put it into words. All I know is that I am so thankful for the parenting know how and abilities that I have been given and learned. Lucian and I may both make it out of this alive.