Saturday, January 17, 2009

Xbox and Idiots.

So as I mentioned earlier...our Xbox is broken. It is giving us the *cue horror music now* Red Ring of DEATH!?!? Oh no, oh no. It is a hardware problem and they will fix it for free. Send it back to them they fix it send it back to us. No problem right? WRONG. Husband called five times in the last three days. Not only was he not given people with English as their first language, which is fine in some situations, but not one where you are trying to explain that you are in the US Military and they have NO understanding of what that entails. So he calls. First you have to explain your life story to one of those horrible automated females "please say your 10 digit phone number now. I'm sorry I did not understand. Could you spell that for me?" Ok, now on some of these services you can say representative and be sent directly to a real living breathing person. Nope. Not xbox technichal service. Soooo he explains to his automated friend once more that he needs technical assistance on his console and that he is 5'10" and male. Awesome, time for the real person. He now spends 20 minutes trying to tell this non-native American that he is in the Military and stationed in Germany but uses the USPS. They do not understand. They ask for our current address. We tell them. They say it cannot be validated because it isn't a real address. AWESOME. We will gladly have you ship it to his parents house (which has a real address) and they can ship it to us. We'd just like to skip the middle man on the way there, and ship it directly to the technical service from our current location. What is a CMR? You live in Arizona? NO. ITS AE . NOT AZ. E as in ECHO! Oh so A Echo? NO! They will not listen when he tells them the address will not be validated we just want an address to ship our xbox to....please? So he gets frustrated. Understandable. I call. First try native Enligsh speaker with military in Germany...she understands and makes it all better. Poor husband. (Don't tell him but I feel rather proud of myself for having fixed the problem on my first try.) Yay for me! I decided to not even bother trying for paragraphs today...I ususally make them wrong anyway. So hopefully we will have our lovely xbox back sometime in the next year. I hope. Poor xbox. Poor horrible and unhelpful technical support. Yay for me!


  1. First of all, how can you screw up paragraphs...start them, end them whenever you want to...that's my thought...I also like the dot, dot, may have noticed.

    Secondly, I'm so greatful that your xbox will be or is already on the way to the xbox hospital and hopefully it will be better again quickly, and get back to you soon.

    C. Good job! You called someone and did a good job! well, done, sis!

  2. I had to call back yesterday because we never got the address...they had it wrong...AGAIN!