Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me!

Not Me Monday has roooolllllled around once again. Favorite day of the week I think. Here's my wonderful list of things that I would rather deny than admit, but instead...I'll tell you guys!

I didn't lose the Windex for 5 days. I was sooo mad. We only have 4 rooms in the house. I mean how do you lose Windex? I'll show you.

In all seriousness I remember putting it in the pocket of the apron while I was cleaning the dry erase board. It took me 5 DAYS to find it though. I am not telling my husband where I found it. He will pick on me relentlessly and I will cry (that's how pregnant Me works apparently.)

I did not lock myself in the car and couldn't figure out how to open the door so my husband could get it. I did not feel like an idiot. I had to roll down the window to tell my husband I was locked in and he was locked out...just so he could stick his hand in and pull up the little lock tab thing. I had just tried that and it resulted in me being locked in! Seriously...I am not an idiot.

I did not get angry at Nick's platoon Sgt because he felt the need to tell people I was pregnant. And those said people did not Yell it at the barracks. I guess my wishes regarding MY personal information are irrelevant. So now I'm the center of the drama mill. "Oh she's pregnant...Aren't they about to be chaptered?...I wonder if it's her husbands" Oh My Word. I only sleep with my husband, but I'm not going to defend that to anyone. I shouldn't have to. It shouldn't be in question. I will be civil at this weekend's baby shower. Promise.

I did not cry this morning because my husband has to work today instead of having the day off. So on his day off he actually has to sleep his entire day off. Stupid. I like my husband while he is awake.

The End.

Head on over to MckMama's place for ton's of other fun and amusing posts. She's the mastermind behind this Carnival of craziness. Have a good Not Me Monday!


  1. That is soooo unbelievable about the gossiping about your pregnancy.

    Hope you have a great Monday after all

  2. Once a woman becomes pregnant she loses all rights to privacy for some reason. Wait till they start putting their hands all over your belly! No you're not an idiot :) During my first pregnancy we went to a birthing class and the instructor told the group that when a woman is pregnant she loses 10 I.Q. points...she then told the laughing expectant dads that it still didn't make them any smarter :) Congrats on the pregnancy.

  3. OMG, that Windex picture had me rolling!! I've so totally not done that as least you found it!

  4. I found your blog via Mckmama. Love the windex thing! That is so something I wouldn't do! LOL!
    Congrats on the pregnancy!

  5. I lose stuff all the time, I mean ALL the time..and I'm not even pregnant.

  6. Love your NMM!! Totally great pic of the windex in your apron. Love it!

    And hey, what's wrong with crying when hubby heads off to work??


  7. You have a great writing style. I do not think you're an idiot (and I don't mean the not me kind!). I think you are about that?

    Thanks for the chuckles...I hope you get to spend time with hubby soon.

    Please check out my Not Me Monday

  8. so i totally cry when my husband has to work, every other weekend. boo hoo. it's his weekend to work this weekend. and congrats on the pregnancy anyways. your body isn't your own after that. :0) but it's a good thing. really!!