Friday, March 13, 2009

Army updates.

So if you haven't been with me since my blog probably don't know how much of an issue my husband and I had with his unit. So for my Sister and Mrs. Not so Domesticated this is an update. For the rest of my hardcore blogging fans ( ;D ) this may be an introduction.

Well let's start with the fact that when we got here we it was not fun. Our chain of command hated third platoon (our platoon). The other 2 platoons in a near by garrison could do no wrong while we could do no right. About ten of our soldiers, my husband included, we're overweight and daily told how much they sucked, but not one Sgt stepped up and did anything to help these guys. "Go to two a day PT everyday and you'll lose weight." Well first of all, my husband and one other guy are the only two that went. Second, for the first 3-4 months not one person lost a pound. Apparently your perfect army fat club...doesn't work. So my husband and I are stubborn...VERY. We tried all sorts of varients including high protein low carb and hydroxy cut. Nothing really helped until I finally talked him into trying Weight Watchers online. With that he's lost about 12 pounds (YES!!) and is doing well.

Well after the IG investigation into our chain of command and a string of adulterous babies and random German girlfriends the poop hit the fan. Within 4 months we had a new Plt Sgt, a new First Sgt, a new Captain, and a new Plt Lt. For those of you not in the army...thats all our compnaies high ranking officials. The last of these changes happened about 3 weeks ago. What a difference! Our Plt sgt and Plt Lt are both impressive. The Lt has deployed as enlisted and has the respect of the platoon. He wants them to train and get better. They want to train and get better for him. He's like 28 and scares the crap out of me. Our Plt Sgt may or may not deploy with the guys, it's up to him, but he doesn't play games. You do the wrong thing you get punished. The end. Although he is planning on showing up to the married soldiers houses randomly just to make sure they're living well...I'm not the best housekeeper so hopefully he doesnt yell at Our commander has interesting ideas about the FRG (some of which I think are silly) but he wants 3rd platoon (our little home) to feel like part of the company. So whats going to happen is platoon on platoon tournaments. Things like combatatives and PT. As well as just fun stupid stuff and sports. The afterwards a big ole BBQ. BRILLIANT! Not only does it give the guys something to look forward to, it also brings all three platoons into a situation where they have to at least interact.

So there are still a lot of issues. The guys had a "sensing" session with Plt Sgt. They were going to do the usual "No Sgt all is well" crap. Well, one person said screw it I'll tell you everything and there she blows. Plt Sgt now knows about all the crap happening in the chain of command. The E5's that think they may be God's gift, while sleeping with German girls. The suspicions of drug use. EVERYTHING. Good for them. Chain of command or not doing the wrong thing is never ok, nor will you ever convince me of it. Out of the 42 people in our platoon 15 are broken or not on the road for some reason or another. 2 are well into the chaptering out process for different reasons. 5 or 6 others have paperwork started to chapter them for weight. There is one guy that came with my husband 8 months ago and still hasn't passed his driving test to go on actual cop patrol. He works 9-5 5 days a week and no one seems to care that he has failed 20 times. He certainly doesn't...I mean he gets to go out all weekend and sleep at night instead of the other guys who work 12 hour shifts. I think it's bull honkie, but they don't listen to me so whatever.

So live goes on. It's not as bad as it was in the beginning, but its nowhere near perfect. My skinny minnie husband is losing weight in spite of his leaders rather than because of them. It's ok. We're stubborn country folk and don't go down without a fight. We'll see how next week goes. =D


  1. I'm so glad things are at least improving...and I love the term "bull honkie!"

  2. Yay that he's lost weight! And yay for BBQ! lol I hope things keep improving for y'all honey :)