Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Ok so it's Monday again so let's get this party started!

This past week, (or two) I have not been hibernating because I feel like poop and don't want to move. I have therefore also not been slacking on my return comments to those kind enough to comment me. (Sorry guys) I have also therefore have not been sleeping oh, I dunno...18 hours a day.

Walker and I have not taken to "resting" on the couch during the day. He does not curl up on or directly next to my head.

I have not been eating like a pig, since I have come to the conclusion that I get sicker on an empty stomach than on a full one. My husband definitely did not go to the shopette to buy my frozen egg rolls at midnight while he was working. He is not totally awesome and deserves a medal. And By The Way...they were not delicious!

Walker does not need a haircut so badly that when I brush his hair forward you can't see his eyes. Poor cute little puppy.

I did not proudly announce to husband that our baby no longer has a tail. He did not laugh at me. I am not inviting him nicely to go to my OBGYN apt wednesday. He is not coming. And I am not nervous. Seriously...I've never had anyone in the room before...and I'm sure that watching your wife take off her pants and be poke and prodded by a doctor is a ton of fun.

I did not just cry when I realized we have no milk so I cannot make mashed potatoes. I reallllly want mashed potatoes. Tomorrow I am buying milk if for no other reason than to make fake mashed potatoes.

That's all I got for this week folks, and I promise that I will eventually respond nicely to all comments recieved...I think there was an award in there too.

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  1. lol we are NOT waiting for replies... :) glad to hear you sounding a little better. Poor lil doggie with his bangs LOL and yay what an awesome hubby to get you awesome egg rolls at not so awesome midnight! Lucky girl :)

  2. My hubby has gone to walmart in the dead of night to get me avocados before and he didn't mind one bit!! It must be a man thing lol

  3. I got to thinking maybe my post got lost since I post like a million of them lol (about the award ♥) so just in case... you can click here to read it...:D Love, Kathy

  4. Your husband deserves an award! Each time I was pregnant I could NOT (seriously) get my husband to go out for me and get what I was craving. One time I REALLY wanted a frosty from Wendy's at about 10pm and he wouldn't go get me one! The nerve! I still bug him about that :) Have a great Monday and I hope the morning/noon/night sickness starts getting better soon!

  5. fake mashed potatoes? Have you forgotten your roots,girl? (I'm saying tsk, tsk and shaking my head.)

    I used frosting from a can this weekend and Scott's comment was "I can't believe you bought frosting." (now I'm shrugging)

    Convenience is a good thing and if they're good they're good...I don't think I've ever had fake taters, that I know of, but I LOVE real ones...anyway, you do sound better and hopefully as baby continues to grow you'll find yourself puking less and having more energy. hugs

  6. TOO CUTE! I definitely found that eating more in the first trimester helped me not feel quite as bad. For some reason, anytime I get hungry while pregnant, I feel nasty and sick! So, the trick is, just don't get hungry....EVER! I've managed to do great at that trick...snacking and eating/pigging out all day long...because I CAN! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  7. Ha! I did not announce to my husband our baby no longer has a tail. That's beyond funny to me!