Monday, May 11, 2009

good times!

Good news fellow blogging enthusiasts. I finally feel better! Mostly! =D Can't have everything. So due to the improvement in both my health and current mood I am proud to announce that I shall be unveiling a new buddha belly picture later today for all to see and enjoy! Doubtful it'll be as cute as the last since I'm slowly working my way from cute non maternity clothes to dowdy maternity ones. Don't laugh, maternity clothes that don't look like floral dressing gowns are hard to come by in Germany. =D I figure by the time it reaches 80 I shall just adopt the redneck ways and wear wife beaters (please don't take offense to the term) and boxers with some stellar Old Navy flip flops. Because I am THAT fashion conscious. My husband has recently started to search for the most offensive baby appareal he can find online and ask if he can buy it for the child. lol. I am using my veto power to its full extent on this topic. "Recently Evicted." Hmmm. Awkward for mommy to say the least lol. OK so all that being said I need to take the VW to the repair shop so we can get that all taken care of!


  1. Mary, I think I told you (but if I didn't I thought it and meant to tell you) if you want to send me a check I'll buy you cute clothes!!! I love shopping and I love maternity clothes and I love that you're having a baby!!! So, let me know!

  2. That stinks about the maternity clothes in germany!!! Can't wait for the new belly pic!