Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Markets

Nuremberg is THE christmas market. The market of all markets. And it is beautiful. But so is our little one downtown. And the Market in Wurzberg. And Bamberg. Each town has a little different tradition and flair to them. I went to a variety just to get the flair (with Lu strapped on because Germans are fans of crowds and I don't even try to finangle my way through with an American stroller) of each. Had a ton of fun too! Got Christmas and birthday presents as well as a bunch of candy for the kids since thats what they're getting from hubs and I this year. It becomes expensive to buy for 10 nieces and nephews very quickly. It may become sort of a tradition. It just seems much more sane than buying presents for all of them. Especially since we're the only couple that has ten. All our siblings have 5 or less niece and nephews. Here are some pictures from the king of the fests in Nuremberg since that's the one hubs attended with me so he was the official camera wielder.

The lights at the end of each aisle

Baby and I

Who doesn't love a half meter wurst?

The church in the square

group photo!


  1. I appreciate your plight with gift giving. I was considering it earlier today, actually. However, I do have to point one thing out...I Scott and I have more that 5 neices and nephews. Technically we have 10, and 3 or 4 great neices (can't keep up with Sara and her antics!), plus 2 that we consider (the McPhee children) part of our gift giving. However, we only buy for 8 children other than our own! Just wanted to point that out :)

    I have thoughts about gift giving next year...we'll chat about it. Anyway, it is beautiful there. Glad you're enjoying it and sharing it with precious on his Mama!

  2. Germany is beautiful this time of year!