Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am proud to be a misfit.

I was never the cool kid. Never the rock star or the band geek. Never the jock or the cheerleader. Well, actually, I was a cheerleader, but I wasn't THE cheerleader. High school passed by and I worked hard enough to not get in trouble but very rarely put too much effort into anything. I played a couple sports, I did stage crew for drama, and I made a decent alto in the choir.

Then the real world hit. I told my parent's I'd make a go at college. I went for a year and just wasn't sold on the whole idea. I loved some of my classes like Sociology and Biology and hated others such as French. I met an awesome roommate who I still talk to today, and then I decided not to go back. I'm still ok with that decision 6 years later.

Next I went to Nursing school to get my LPN license. I was good at it and it was alright. I finished and instead of seeking a job in my now licensed field...I kept working as a waitress. I could have been a good nurse but I never would have been great because I just didn't feel it inside. It wasn't my heart.

So for the next few years I worked at a few restaurants and a grocery store and lived and loved and enjoyed my life. I met a nice boy (ok so he can be a total jerk {rarely to me} but he has a good heart) and then I married him. I ran the front end of a grocery store and had I stayed I probably would have become a manager. I had my own apartment and I bought a car....or two...possibly even three, but lets not talk about that. The boy decided to join the army and I said if it's what you want I support you, so he did. Then he shipped off to Germany and I dutifully followed along. Now we have a handsome little boy-child that I love dearly.

And as I look back at my life and the randomness of what I've seen and done, I do so with no regrets. Even though I've never really fit in or been part of the in-crowd, I have lived. I've made a few stupid decisions I'm sure, but I honestly don't really remember them. I think before I make my choices, and I never make a choice that I can't defend to my mother (even if she wouldn't agree). I am proud of the woman I am, the woman I made myself.

So never give in and never make less of yourself to make more of another. Pull people up rather than pushing them down. Smile and breath and open your eyes. Live life to its fullest but not to its stupidest. Draw boundaries and respect others who stick to their own, not because you need to limit yourself, but because without them you lose yourself. Live. and Love. And feel. And never forget who you are.

I am a misfit.


  1. Aww what a nice post :) I'm proud of who you are too ♥

  2. I'm proud too. I'm teary and proud. Mary, you changed my life in so many ways and I think you're doing a great job becoming the woman you are...I look up to you and admire you. Happy New Year, sweets!

  3. Who wants to fit in anyway? The you just blend into the crowd!