Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Perfect Storm

In 1991 a huge Nor'Easter formed in the ocean off the east coast. A storm of unrivaled proportion, it absorbed a hurricane and an area of low pressure from the mid-Atlantic before it became a cyclone itself. It was a once in a lifetime meeting of unexpected circumstances reeking havoc along the seaboard and causing 12 deaths. From some aspects it may have been awe-inspiring and looked to be The Perfect Storm, but for the people caught in its midst on the ocean, frankly, it sucked.

Here in our little corner of the world we live in our own version of the perfect storm. We are military families. That in itself is far from easy. Then to add a little more fun to our lives we are part of a unit which happens to be spread all over Germany. Battalion in Grafenwheor, brigade in Mannheim, company in Bamberg, and then if you're as lucky as I am, you are part of a single platoon located in Schweinfurt. Confused yet? We also include the local Canine unit and their dogs. And now as the year turns we add another layer to the chaos. Our family has a new addition. The 522. This newly formed company (or at least it's new to us) is here to cover the day to day workings of Bamberg and Schweinfurt while our soldiers prepare for deployment.

The chaos and confusion which seems to be daily life in the 630th Military Police company and now the 522 could easily bring us down. We're commonly referred to as the red headed step-child. While this is true, it doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing. A new year is coming upon us and what better time to step up and take control of what we can? We are victims of our circumstances only if we choose to be. It is hard, but if even a few of us are willing to stand up and stand together regardless of personal preference or rank, we can make a hard situation bearable at the least. If we put aside our differences we can succeed. Lets give it a shot.


  1. that's right girl! don't let the chaos around you drag you down...if you unite and stand up against it you'll likely find new strengths and friends along the way. Can't wait to hear how it goes...

  2. With that attitude you've got it licked girl! Good for you!!