Monday, March 1, 2010


I have decided that nap time should be a mandatory part of the day at least twice a week. I mean that is a feasible request right? like 30 minutes twice a week to nod off while snuggling your babes. Even if they don't sleep and you don't sleep hard, it's a nice thought. I think it will be my new goal. Twice a week cuddle/snuggle/nap sessions with my beast and my babe. Maybe when hubs is home I'll even con him into cuddling with his happy little family.

And I love baby naps. He looks so precious as he sleeps. Such a blessing that I have a healthy happy baby that sleeps through the night and wakes up smiling. (Most of the time) Even when he's sick and teething (two coming in strong!!) he is still a little charmer. I heart babies. And naps. And most definately the two together! Happy Monday!


  1. I love napping with my babe! I think you have a great idea of making it manditory =)