Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My soldiers.

Let me tell you about my soldiers. Most of them are boys. Though there are a few girls who can stand up to the pressure.

They are my friends. And my family. They go by names like "MoJo" and "Cookie." I'm even seriously contemplating naming my next son after one of them.

They go bowling with us and eat holiday meals in our living room.

They have slept on my floor, bed, and air mattress. Two of them even had sex on my couch (Yes...I am serious...let's not talk about it, I'm still less than pleased with the drunk antics).

They call me Mama.

They say things like "She may be a six with a big forehead but she's my six and no one else can have her." or "Look the baby is in the forward leaning rest position, he may pass his PT test yet."

These are the men and woman that I surround myself with.

These are the men and woman that are going to war for my freedom and yours.

They are my friends.

My family.

And I am going to miss them.


  1. I so understand how you feel. Last year during football season, it seemed like everyone was always at our house watching the games. (Most of the people in DH's unit are single soldiers) Some even came to Thanksgiving dinner. I miss their craziness, and I pray for every single one of the daily. It's so hard when you have that connection. I will be thinking about you!

  2. This makes me want to cry for you. My hubby works for AA and they fly to Germany...I could come see you and keep you company for a day or two ;) it's a lovely thought but since I have 4 small children that probably won't happen, sorry.

  3. aww :( I'm glad they're here for us ♥

  4. :( Just catching up and I've missed you! Your little man is adorable, and I'm sorry your hubby is getting ready to leave...

    We just moved and I had to leave everyone I know and love so I kinda know how you feel. I'm going to try to be a better blog friend...and not disappear for months at a time.