Sunday, July 4, 2010

30 days of me...Day 12

Whatever tickles my fancy.

Well gosh, I am quite unreliable aren't I. Missing days all over the place. Well...I will finish my thirty days, it just might take me 40 or so. =) Now onto something that tickles my fancy. Cookies!

I am proud to announce that night number 2 of cookie club has now come to it's conclusion. With some help from my friends We made enough cookies to send to 15 soldiers! It makes me feel good inside to know that with nothing other than a stove some ingredients and lots of packing tape, I acn give the soldiers a little taste of home. It started off as just an opportunity to give some love to MY soldiers. The one's that yell earmuffs before they swear so Baby Lu doesn't hear them. The ones that go bowling with us and let me use their shoulders as pillows when my husband perches me on a bench next to one of them while we're having a night out. But then I think about the other soldiers in our unit that don't have a "mom" away from mom. These are my big, drunken, brave, jerk kids and I love every last one of them. Thank you to ALL my soldiers out there maybe some day I'll be able to make enough cookies to feed you all. Happy Independence Day. Just take a second today to be proud of where you're from.

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