Thursday, August 12, 2010


When my husband and I first started seeing each other it was kind of a secret. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and technically he was my boss so we couldn't date. We had a computer system at work that we could send messages back and forth so every time one of us clocked in or clocked out we could go read our emails quick. This became a little game we played. I'd send him lyrics to some RANDOM song and he had to tell me who it was by or the name of the song. He was really good. I was really bad. I could occasionally sing him the song or tell him the next couple lines, but rarely got the artist or title correct without some help from my friend Google.

After we left that job, we started "singing" to each other. I'd send him lyrics in a text message. Sometimes something meaningful like "I can't be here tonight, love makes you sad it's alright no one could ever love me half as good as you." Sometimes not so meaningful things like, "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener." Either way it was a little something that we could pass back and forth that was filled with meaning.

It's now almost 4 years since we met. We are married with a handsome little son and plans to have a whole herd of kidlets. He is gone for a bit to do his job in service of our country. Sometimes we get to talk everyday and sometimes we don't. Facebook has become our little lifeline. Once again we have an opportunity to share our feelings, thoughts, and emotions with each other with the help of music. It's little and seemingly insignificant but some days it makes all the difference to know he's singing to me from a land far away.

"Your words in my memory / Are like music to me."--Set the Fire to the Third Bar

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  1. not seemingly insignificant at all...beautiful.