Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Book

For today...October 6 2010

I haven't written in over a month. I dont' really know why. But this touches my heart every time I stumble across one in my browsing. So I'll write my own...

Outside my window...It's dark and chilly. Frosty mornings are upon us here in Germany. The sun hasn't even started to rise yet.

I am thinking...about my poor baby. He needs to sleep but is fighting and crying. The first week back with a 6 hour time difference is so hard.

I am thankful life. I am so content right now in most ways,and I'm working on the ways that I'm not.

From the kitchen...I'm going to make Chilies Rellanos and apple butter in the next couple days. I also hope to send more of my soldiers downrange cookies. A little bit of baked goods is good for the morale.

I am wearing...Army sweatpants and a shirt that says "Super mom, super wife, super tired"

I am creating...aprons! And soon dish clothes

I am where. I am home.

I am reading...a mystery

I am praying for...calm in the face of chaos and my husbands safety.

I am hoping...that people leave me alone. I kind of just want to be invisible.

I am hearing...Lu breathing and espn

Around the house...Its a wreck. I'm working on keeping a better home

One of my favorite bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: return to our normal without papa here. Relax. Embrace autumn.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Happy Birthday baby boy.
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  1. good idea. I did it if you want to check out mine :) Glad to see your back, and hopefully getting back on that sleeping schedule