Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So I think that my husband and I may be trying for kids. Yes, I did say think. You see, I asked him, and he answer was, "We're not trying, but we're also not trying not to get pregnant." Ok. Good answer, but I think that's what I get for telling him the timing was up to him and I was ready when he is. We are that sort of couple though. Sort of scruff of your neck, whatever will be will be. I talked to Walker about it this morning. He didn't seem to care then ran off to chew on his tail. Well. Who knows. I think that this is what I get for having a butthead for a husband. If only I cared.

On another note. I rearranged the living room yesterday so as to make more space to play Rock Band. Is that a bad thing? Because let me tell you it is a heck of a game. I now sing the Rock band songs in my head frequently. In the shower. While walking the dog. Right now.

And finally. I know a little one that needs prayers and love his name is Stellan and he's suffering from a severe case of RSV. You can read about him at MckMama's blog. I've certainly got him in my prayers.

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