Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve.

It's supposed to be a time of great revelations and thinking back on the last year of fun and fortune. Heck with that.

Tonight my husband and I will be our awesome antisocial selves. Go and see a movie. Make dinner together. and then proceed to play Rock Band and HALO. I will call him every name I can think of when he beats me. He will make me cry at least once because he's mean. (I cry easy. He's not THAT mean.) We will drink sparkling grape juice in honor of his mom and dad. Probably some of the alcoholic stuff too since we are staying home alone and not planning on driving. Mess up Walker's sleep schedule more so that he sleeps until at least 10 in the morning so we can sleep in after our late night of being idiots...scratch that...HAVING FUN!

But since it is New Year's Eve I will gift anyone blessed enough to stumble upon my little blog of delusions with some random facts. =D

I can't shave my legs standing up. I will fall down, and it will hurt. I'm not a very good girl it seems.

I used to think that Pat Sajek from Wheel of Fortune was named Patsy Jack. I was 16 before I figured it out. Seriously I'm not stupid just a little slow.

Mr. Roger's the man from the Neighborhood (AKA Mr. Roger's Neighborhood) scared the crap out of me as a kid. For some reason I was worried that any man who A.) wore sweaters and B.) chose to change them that frequently was crazy. I mean for real. It was only a half an hour show and he put on at least 3.

One more just for good measure. I am to scared to fail to actually try something i don't know how to do. I won't apply for jobs that I know I'm capable of but don't know how to do because I feel like I will fail. (There's a nice heavy one for you. =D)

Happy New Year to one and all. Hope it is safe and treats you better than the one's before.

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