Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas time.

We had our first four day in the military. Yay for us. We've been in for a year. Note how I say WE. I am in the military too; I just don't have to dress up in my uni in the morning. But yes, back to the discussion. Our first four day! On Christmas. It was wonderful. I'm not going to lie, currently I'm wearing a sarong made out of one of the blankets off our bed because I didn't want to get dressed if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

Christmas was day one. We had a ton of fun. He slept until noon since he worked Mids the night before (2130-0900). I cooked dinner and OMG it was delicious! We had a couple of friends over for dinner. Single soldiers. Part of our family. Ham, ham gravy, scalloped corn, scalloped potatoes, salad, chicken wings, collard greens, banana cream pie, and kentucky derby pie. I also had a bit too much to drink. Whoops! But it was a ton of fun. I love planning meals like that and then cooking them. Cooked from noon-5 and everything was wonderful. After dinner one of the on duty guys came over to eat too since he was working on Christmas. (Don't tell anyone. He's not supposed to be at our house. Whoops!) Couple more guys came over after thei shift and we ate some more. Played Halo, Gears of War 2 and (My present from the husband!!) Rock Band 2! Quietly mind you so as not to wake the neighbors. Finally my drunk ass went to bed. Oh it was a wonderful Christmas!

Day Two. We do NOTHING. All day. Like seriously. The dishes got stacked by the sink. We ate freezer pizzas. Went to the shopette and rented Death Race because Jason Statham is Deliciouso! Watched it. And next. Played Games and once again went to bed with a smile on my face.

Day Three. We went to the nearby city of Wurzberg to explore. Drove out around 1130. Went to the Residenz which is a famous Mansion built by the German Royal Family many years ago. Walker came too. On his leash and wearing a sweatshirt cuz it was cold out. Walked all around the city. Saw a wonderful monument/memorial to the German soldiers lost to the World Wars. Sometimes you forget that they were the enemy and that they lost entire generations of people as well. So sad. We walked alla round. No shopping since Christmas is expensive and we be broke. =D Drove to the Festung Marionburg. A big 'ole fortress on a hill. We didn't explore it all, just went inside the Museum. 4 euro each. Not bad. Large wooden wine presses. Beautiful inlayed furniture and stoves and suit of armor. It was Awesome. I was so glad that we got the chance. Ate at an "American diner" called Bonnys. I had Baileys and hot chocolate to drink. Yummy. Came home for the night. Watched Step brothers. Not my type of humor, but the husband loved it. Once again more games and jamming it out on the Rock Band for us. Seriously. Such a fun game!

Day 4. Today. Tomorrow its back to the real world. But for today. I'm wearing a blanket and sitting next to my husband on the couch. He's playing Gears of War 2. Walker was a cuddler today, probably since we towed him around a city yesterday and hes still a puppy. Currently he's sleeping at my feet. We're going to base for lunch (yay Taco Bell!) if husband ever escapes the New Hope Facilty where they were doing genetic experiments to save the world. Bastards. I love my husband. I wish we had this opportunity more often. Had normal 4 days for EVERY holiday like the Cav, or the Infantry. But alas, we are MP's and this may possibly be the least fun job in the army. So away I go to comment on the ugly creepy creatures my husband is hooting and cuddle up to him a little bit longer before we return to the normal 2 a day PT schedule and I don't get to cuddle him at all. I think I can wait another 365 days for this. Or maybe longer when he gets deployed. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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