Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anna Kral

Today, I made "Those Potatoes." Yes I mean those potatoes. The ones grandma used to make. When I got married one of the woman from church gave me a recipe for them. A recipe written in my grandmother's cursive. I cried when I saw it. Anna Kral. That was my grandmother. She was an amazing person. Not perfect by any means, but she was wonderful. I lived in the same house as her for many years. From my birth until I was 12. We lived upstairs and they lived downstairs. 2 separate apartments.

We shared a phone line until my sister was 16 and talked on it too much. When the phone rang someone would answer it and if it was for the the other person we hit the ceiling/floor vent with a broom and someone downstairs or one of us would answer. If we answered at the same time then we'd listen to whoever said hi first, make sure it wasn't for us and quietly hang up. No evesdropping. We just didn't. None of us felt the need.

You can't have thoughts of my grandmother without thoughts of granpa kral. They were married for 68 years before grandma passed. *I tear up even know when I think about the fact that they are gone.* They were one. My grandfather was mild mannered and quiet. He was depended on for discipline and a spokesperson. Although my grandmother was very outspoken and opinionated, but they always made decisions together. I remember when ever we had salad in public or in private she always asked him, "Walter, do you want the red (french) or the white (ranch) dressing." They ate bananas in their cereal every morning. Drank coffee with cold water added.

I googled her after I grated the potatoes. Anna Kral. She's apparently a real estate agent in the Gulf coast. She has a Facebook. In America and in Croatia. I didn't think we had Croatian in our background but anything in possible =D

I could go on and on. She was an amazing woman. She is my role model. Both old European and American grandmother. Sweatshirts with collars sewn in and little bears embroidered on the front. With a scarf over her hair so the wind didn't get it. Flat shoes with stockings and skirts. She made us all gloves out of denim and fleece that she recycled from used clothings. With plastic bags used as lining so they were waterproof. All 30 something grandkids and 20 something kids and spouses had a pair. Made with love smecially for us. As I sit here crying and thinking of my grandparents and all they did for family and friends I could go on for days. crying and telling the little anecdotes of our lives together. But "Those Potatoes" are in the oven and I do need to get ready for the FRG Christmas party.

I love you Anna Kral. I love you Walter. Please think of us often as you hold hands in heaven. Love,
the Legacy that you left behind.


  1. *tear*, that was a very sweet post. I had a grandma like that too and I think of her almost everyday. Your "Not Me's" were great! Thanks for playing!

  2. What a beautiful post, Mary Teresa. What a treasure your Grandma and Grandpa were and the loving memories you have of them are. God bless them and their Gradbaby Girl in Germany. Love, Amy