Sunday, December 14, 2008

My dog is bigger than yours.

I own a yorkie. He's my baby at the moment. He weighs in at a whopping 8 pounds and is well on his way to about 10 full grown. His name is Walker. Named after...Anakin Skywalker? Johnny Walker? The Texas ranger? or D.)all of the above. I liked the name and it stuck. My dog is a companion during the long hours my husband works and I am left to amuse myself.

Now next door to us is a 50 pound Doberman Pincher. He's still a puppy too. His name is Jager. (He's German). His mother, who is currently the closest thing to a friend I have here, won't let them play together. She thinks someone will get hurt. I disagree. I think that big dogs and little dogs can be friends. They can wrestle and beat each other up. Just because my dog is littler doesn't make him less doggy. And trust me on this Walker is pretty damn vicious.

I'm the little dog owner. I want them to play. I would sign a contract saying that if Walker gets hurt they aren't held responsible. Whatever, though. Just whatever. I'm tired and grumpy. Maybe that's why I'm so frustrated by this today. Who knows? To dull the obnoxiousness of the situation I shall instead go drown my sorrows in German Christmas wine. MMMM Delicious.

On a brighter note my husband has a new team leader. YEEHAW! I am no longer scared that when they deploy my husband will die due to an idiot team leader. I pray for all those in the sandbox and all those who soon head there. I pray that their team leaders are wise and knowledgeable. Capable of making decisions that are best for the men, not that are best for their egos. Having a God complex does not a leader make.

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