Saturday, December 13, 2008

Of Halo and Husbands

So I don't write in diarys. Or journals. Or blogs. I just don't. Until now. Today is the day I start to write about myself and what I like to think of as my life. I'm currently 22, newly married, with a 4 month old furbaby, and living in Germany. Who would have ever guessed? I love my life mind you, but let me just say that military wives are not always the nicest people. Hell, I'm not the nicest person. This being said I have yet to make any friends so I decided to join a dog website or two and start a blog. woot woot. I try not to burden my husband with my stress since I seem to have it pretty damn easy. No job (I want one). No children (yup those too please). Only an 8 pound dog and a husband that I see for short periods of time only.

In my happy life let me say that the time I look forward to the most is when my lovely husband and I play HALO. Shooting other people on a TV screen late into the night with mayhap a little bit of alcohol involved. It is the alone time with my husband I crave. I can take out all the stress and frustration of being alone on someone else. Swear at the screen, laugh at my husbands trash talk. Its wonderful.

So now I wait patiantly for my husband to return home. To me. His plump little wife. To a Saturday night alone in his house playing some silly little game and loving our lives. Its the simple things that make life special. That make life wonderful. That make this life mine.

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  1. Ok, I want your life! It must be awesome living in Germany. I'm a history buff so any area of Europe I find awesome. My dream is to visit London. You may find that blogs are addictive.