Sunday, December 21, 2008

The similarities are endless.

My youngest nephew will by 1 year old shortly after Christmas. The 27th possibly? (I'm bad with dates I have to ask my husband when we started dating *rolls eyes*) He is a little chubby cheeked monster. We will call him Scott. (Names have been changed since I am paranoid ;)) My family has their own unique child rearing theory. "Children and animals are the world's biggest terrorists. You can not negotiate. Once you've given in they know you will break and will scream all the louder for all the longer." We just think that children need discipline and to know that there are consequences. When it is said, it is meant.

So my sister is raising her youngest while I raise my furbaby. We've decided that children and puppies are remarkably similar. For example right now Walker is sleeping on my lap because Lord help us all if he leave me alone for more than 2 seconds. He also has a tendency to try and chew the laptop as I type. Surprisingly Scott also has a taste for laptops and aren't little ones always begging to be picked up? When Scott wants to eat he lifts up his shirt so momma knows its time to nurse. When walker wants to eat he bites my toes. Walker occasionaly makes little mistakes in the house since hes still learning. And who would have thought that a toddler could take of his diaper by himself and poop in the driveway. I mean seriously? Smart little buggers they are. Walker tries to eat poop on our walks (he isn't allowed to silly, but it doesn't stop him trying), Scott tries to eat dirt (also not allowed to.) They have both been found with rocks in their mouth that somehow appeared out of a clear blue sky. The list could go one. I love my furbutt just as my sister loves her skinbaby. Even with all the trouble the cause, its what makes them unique and oh how I love them both.

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  1. My dogs absolutely know how to manipulate me. Both are lap dogs now, 20/60 lbs respectively. They know they will get the toy they want if they whine enough, they will be let out of their cages with sad puppy dog eyes, and I WILL get off my butt and take them outside after they've stood in my face long enough. They are basically furry children...