Monday, December 22, 2008

my first not me monday!

My first attempt at....

Not me Monday!


I did not laugh when my furbaby whined after getting his rabies shot. I would never be amused by my poor puppy whining in pain after a shot. But he looked so darn cute...I mean...shoot.

I would never ever sleep until 11 in the morning with my husband. We get up bright and early always. Ok so he gets up bright and early. And I don't sleep in. I mean seriously I have a job or something to do right? Don't I?

I would never snap at my husband in the car after he worked a 12 hour day, bought me rock band, and took me downtown to eat currywurst. I am not that selfish. He wasn't being mean. He was just picking on me. I know this so I wouldn't ever snap at him over something so silly.

Oreos and chocolate chip cookies do not constitute a meal. So I wouldn't eat them with a glass full of milk for dinner. and lunch. and then tell myself that I had plenty of dairy and therefore it constituted a good meal. Not me!

hmm...last one.

I would never put off making my dish to pass for tomorrows "mandatory fun day" It's a fun day! That we are forced to go to! and Santa will be there so it'll be a ton more fun. Everybody loves an angry soldier that is being made to dress up and put a pillow in a red and white suit. Especially since we of lower standing--privates and family--are currently forbidden from speaking to NCO's and Officers. So I'm not avoiding making the stupid dish because I'm not feeling cheerful. It's not me!

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