Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is my puppy. His name is Walker. He is German (in that angry unpredictable way.) He is a Yorkie. I lalalalove him! He recently had to have surgery on his eyelid. Who would have thunk that I, the farm girl carnivore, would ever spend 400 euro on a dog and then 400 more to fix his eye. Well, I did. More precisely I spent the money that my husband works hard for while I struggle to learn German. =) He loves me.

He's a hell dog and don't you forget it! He steals the bulbs off the Christmas tree. Eats shoes, socks, underwear. He's just like that. He bites. ALOT. We're working on that. He chews on my dreads when I am trying to sleep. Sigh. He is my baby. Some people get animals "as practice for children." I think that loved dogs ARE children. He needs to pee and poop. I need to clean it up when he makes mistakes. He gets in trouble and pulls me to my last nerve. (isn't that exactly what kids do?) *pause need to rescue my shoe*

When we return to the United States we will adopt another dog. ADOPT. Someone elses dog that they decided they didn't want. Or abused. Open our hearts and our home to a new friend and family member. Hopefully both furry and skin covered. Furkids and skinkids. We'll have them all. Because isn't that what life is about? Sharing and loving all that need it?


  1. He is so cute! I want a cockerpoodle. Sounds like dogs are worse than kids. LOL

  2. So adorable! I have two *kids*...and that is exactly what they are for me. We have one that we was given to us and one that we adopted. Now I'm not going to say that both my pups aren't amazing, but I will say that our adopted pup just seems to appreciate us more. Maybe that's in my head, or maybe I've spoiled my first dog rotten...hmm