Tuesday, December 16, 2008

drama and babies

I am a very proud aunt. To 8 wonderful little children. With 2 more on the way. I want a large family myself. I want to do foster care. I want to adopt if possible. I want to have it all. I come from a large family. My mom was one of 11 I do believe and my dad one of 7. Seriously. No lie. Now I am married to my dear husband--further more to be referred to as dh.

My family has had ups and downs, but no one has ever visited harm on another or stopped talking to a sibling or a child or a siblings child. Personally I find that sort of behavior extremely juvenile. What are we ten years old? That being said I also think that when someone has been given multiple chances they have then exhausted their opportunities. I am not God. I do not forgive forever. If for no other reason than I can't spend my entire life two-stepping around the issue.

So now my dh's family is DRAMA in is pure form. Sister's married in laws then left them for lord knows who. Kids were pitted against eachother or ignored. Kids were abused and hated. AWESOME. Its a fiasco to say the least. DH's immediate family while all quite nice are still drama.

Sister in law is a witch. Not a wiccan, (which I would respect.) But instead an angry and bitter woman who wishes to take everyone down with her. Ok fine whatever. But she has again and again been rude to dh's family and myself. She won't let others hold her child. Won't let her child get dirty. Won't let her child eat at her grandmother's house. Ok once again whatever you're child and while I disagree it isn't my place and you are doing the girl no actual harm. I do not have to deal with her. She is now my sister-in-law. She has run out her chances and friendship with me. I do not have to endure her interrogations of my whereabouts or the background of my friends. If she doesn't want to come to family Christmas, than don't. I will not miss you. I would have been just fine with your presence. But I'm also just fine with your absence. You will not get your drama from me or mine. DH's family may cater to your demands. I do not have to nor will I. When you come to visit I will work around allergies and vegetarianism, but you will not take over my home. It is not yours.

Chances are you will never read this. That is ok. Mayhaps you will. No fear there either. The TV will play in my house. My kids will crawl on the floor. Cats will not be allowed on my counters. I will not cater to your everywhim. NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO. Offensive opinions will be heard, but please do not cross the line as I will have no qualms with putting you in your place in my home.

Maybe I'm a little frustrated with the entire situation. Maybe. But your drama will not be mine and I will delight in my life in spite of the drama and attention issues. Mostly because I can.

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