Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2,4,6,8 who do I appreciate?

I totally just posted this without actually writing anything. Smooth Move Ex-lax. BTW I have no idea how my title relates to anything.

Soooo....I just entered a contest over at The Reality of Happily Ever After. Love me a contest. You get to put captions on pictures of this cute little puppy poo named Ellie Mae. Not going to lie...Walker has a wee but of a crush and is currently trying very hard to type a little message telling everyone about it. So back to said contest. Make 10 captions, comment, follow, and link to her you get THREE ENTRIES! How cool is that? Win a 25$ Starbucks giftcard. Woohoo! Do they have Starbucks in Germany? If they don't, I'll just.....regift it! (I would have made that smaller so you couldn't read it but....I don't know how. Hehe) Or wait patiantly until we trip ourselves home to visit.

I read a post the other day on My Charming Kids talking about Big Mac obeying without excuses. She tells a very cute little story about how hard he is trying and his loopholes. Well I've been contemplating this action. Obeying without Excuse. I think that I should probably start. Not that I have anyone to tell me what to do. My husband doesn't very often give me directions or ask me to do things. But maybe instead I should take initiative without excuses. Maybe I could finally hang up all our clothes because they really should be in the closet rather than hung over the chair. Maybe I should take the initiative to befirend other wives whose husbands don't humor them as much when it comes to wandering aimlessly through German towns. Will it be easy? Yea...that's a no. But I can do it. I can make the extra effort. I'm not lazy and I'm good at what I do. Time to put some of my crazy energy and, well, craziness to good use. Here goes nothing!


  1. go Mary! go Mary!

    (I'm doing that little dance where I make a circle in front of me with both my hands while kind of jogging with high knees or skipping in place. Can you picture it?)

    You go girl!

  2. The dance! I feel so special! Not often anyone does the dance for me. Yay!

  3. Yep there are Starbucks in Germany!!!! Gotta love em!