Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm not sure whether to be angry or cry. Gotta love those days.

First we have a flock of pigeons living on our balcony. A flock. There's like 30. OK, more like six, but still. German Pigeons put American pigeons to shame. They are chicken sized. Not a little chicken either. These behemoths could give turkeys a run for their money. So needless to say this horse-sized birds poop a lot. Onto MY balcony. You should hear the curse words I yell at them. I put a drunk biker to shame. I clean up after them usually every couple weeks. We have a broom dedicated to pigeon poop since it is quite possibly the most disgusting and unhealthy substance on earth. Recently as it has been winter (not nearly as cold here as in the states though) It has been too cold to go out and try to chip off the frozen pigeon poop so its been about 6 weeks. I did the deed. 8 pounds. No lie. I weighed it because I am like that. I was tempted to take pictures but I refrained. 8 freaking pounds.

Second. My husband goes to PT number 2 this morning at 11. Comes home at noon with the mail. Yay mail! We got some packages and a few letters. We open a letter from an address we don't recognize. Its a collection notice. WHAT! Who do we owe money and why the HECK is it in collections! Seriously! I of course burst immediately into tears. In the civilian world not so big a deal in the military world my husband can get court martialed for this stuff. THATS NOT GOOD! Husband calms me down since he's good at that. Goes to work. We still have no idea what its from or for, but unless I fax the company my POA and ID then they have to talk to Husband. Think it may be something to do with canceliing our AT&T phones but we don't know what since we already paid our bill. Just one more reason not to use AT&T they totally screwed us over and apparently it just keeps getting better. Their sales people did not know what they were talking about and ended up costing us large amounts of money and time trying to fix their mistakes. Redick.

On to more plesant exploits. I found this recipe for ribs that makes my mouth water. Husband will have to add the ketchup though since it stil weirds me out. Here it is. Lolli at family food! is the woman. I found her through Laura at orgjunkie. She does this thing called Menu Planning Monday. Even if you don't plan your menu's holy WOW does she have a lot of good people posting a LOT of good recipes. Enjoy!

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  1. ATT has screwed my hubby too. He went on deployment and paused service to his phone. Then after he came home he had collection notices from some random company...Well it was for ATT. He fought it and fought it, then he gave in and paid it, and now, 3 years later it is still on his credit that he hasn't paid and that he's in collections. Its destroyed his credit...