Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puppy love.

Walker is growing up so fast! He's no longer black and tan, he's gown into his silver and gray. He weighs in at a whopping 11 pounds with long legs and longer teeth. He has officially hit puppy puberty. Here is a picture with his new fancy washable puppy pads. Apparently they are so absorbent that you can sleep on them without and issue Not my choice of a bed, but what do I know. I'm just a puppy Momma. His tail is still black and dark gray, but its turning silver too.

The husband almost let Walker sleep in the bed last night, but hes scared that he'll be peed on. I don't really want him in the bed at night though. He interferes with the my space. I like to sprawl across the bed. And he does so well in his crate! He's a little champ. Goes right in and turns around waiting for his treat. Bribery is the key to good training. =D

On to things other than my dog...haha. I let my husband run out of white socks. My Hausfrau-ness (that's German be impressed...I am learning slowly) is kind of sketchy. They were clean mind you. I do DO the laundry...it just generally doesn't make it away. Hangs out in the basket for awhile. Then when I finally fold it the socks end up in the sock pile of death on the dresser. But my poor husband didn't know this. That the sock pile of death was the final resting place for his socks. He likes me regardless of the fact that I make him wash his own owrk clothes and that he runs out of socks. He's a good husband don't let him fool you.

So tomorrow we go baby stuff shopping for a baby shower. I have NO idea what to get for her. I've met her once. She already has one little boy, but I have no idea what she saved from the first baby and what she brought to Germany. They also don't know if it's a boy or a girl. So tomorrow we go German store shopping since I figure that she can go to the PX any time she wants. I want to get her something useful and not just a waste of money. I think I'll also write her a nice note saying that if she ever needs some alone time without the babes I will gladly watch them. Will she take me up on it? Probably not. But the offer has been made regardless. Sigh. I feel bad since she and her husband don't get out into the economy often, but I'm not very good at making friends. Soooo... I'll go to the party give her whatever cool present I pick and hope that she makes it through this amazingly stressful time well. I can only help where my help is accepted. Here goes nothing.

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