Monday, January 19, 2009

It's a monday I can blog if I want to...

Not Me Monday!

Yay. Another monday has rolled around. Maybe I'll actually remember to Link to My Charming Kids this week through my friend Mr. Linky. Mckmama changed the rules this week so I gotta make sure I do this right! She's got a whole bunch of us over at her Blog playing along her by acknowledging some of our faults and most of our fiascos...and living to tell about it. So here's to celebrateing making it through another week alive and secure. Here we go!

I am not at all jealous that EVERYONE here is pregnant. I like babies. I want babies. But jealousy aside I am VERY glad that my babies will have a dad and that I have a husband. Article 15 babies seem to be the cool way to go right now.

I am not so very excited that my friends are coming to visit. I am also not worried and stressed that its gonna turn into a fiasco of them not coming together and leaving separately and our nice relaxing week will turn into a taxi service. But I still love them all.

I did not let the dog run around dragging our socks and underwear out of the hamper the other morning because I was sleeping. He wasn't really hurting anything...just not really helping. My dog behaves well and doesn't have an odd obsession with under garments.

I did not eat an entire 5 person meal of Rehm Schnitzel for dinner last night. And Oh My! would I do it again. It's pork schnitzel with cream mushroom gravy and fries and salad and I want it again. I would totally eat it again if my husband wasn't supposed to be watching his points and used a large portion of his daily points (yesterdays) on dinner last night. Soooo unless he wants to eat another egg white omelette for lunch (he doesn't) no Schnitzel for me.

I am not dreading moving back to the states eventually because I'm watching Everybody Loves Ray and that WILL BE MY LIFE. The husbands parents are like Rays. Very...involved. And well I love them dearly I don't handle...involvement well. sooo. Hopefully we will live at least a county away.

Ok thats all I got folks. Nothing too serious, but nothing too funny either. I'll do better next week. =D


  1. 1. Don't live across the street.
    2. YOu're not moving back in the next month...don't stress over it yet!
    3. LOVE schnitzel! Christian (Marwa's hubby) made it for me from scratch once...heavenly!
    4. Give the boy some veggies and fruits too...there's more than egg whites...does he like soup? There's a taco soup recipe out there that's only a point or two per serving...good too.

  2. Some days 'dlove to have a "ray" family to have help with stuff but yeah I think most days you'd find me hiding in the bathroom with a bottle and book :)

  3. Hugs. Love the name of your blog! Happy Not Me Monday!

  4. Your puppy is alot like mine! Lulu used to steal sock and underwear all the time, and then she'd hide them. VERY annoying! There are meals I could eat everyday, all day long. The hubby on the other hand won't touch leftovers...don't get me started. Sounds like you had a fun week! Happy Monday!

  5. Stopping by from MCK. Love your music. I love Three Days Grace!!

  6. My dog is way way way worse than your dog! Good luck with the move...I have the opposite problem, but never blog of it for fear a distant relative of my hubbys will read it and sell me out! My in laws are so involved they are almost extinct...they forgot what names they had selected for our son to call them b/c they live 1.5 hrs away, and went from May to Dec w/out visiting once, I think just because they are mad at us for not having visited them yet--my kid is a bad traveler....AND...they drove w/in 20 mins of our house to see their favorite child...and refused multiple times, to even stop by!

    Good luck! OH...and you're young...plenty of time for babies in the future!

  7. I LOVE Not Me's!! I think I'd love to see Germany... My grandmother immigrated from Austria, so I'd love to see it all --

    My puppy get's away with lots of stuff, too!! :)

  8. Girl, love em or not, you will need more than a county's worth of distance from the in-laws. Trust me on this! Happy NMM!

  9. Rahmschnitzel rocks!!!

    Found you on MCK. Have a good Monday! ;-)

  10. The story about your dog was funny! Happy Not Me Monday!

  11. Haven't had Rehm schitzel since I was a little girl a looooong time ago! Thanks for stopping by my blog!