Sunday, January 18, 2009

random babble.

So now that I'm done panicking about the state of my blog and the fact that I broke it, I'll write a real post. Mind you I did nothing to fix it. I looked at the html since I figured that's what I'd broken...then quickly ran away since I knew it would totally kick my butt. Didn't change a thing and then BAM. Like magic it was allllll better. Phew. Not going to lie I was worried I'd somehow permanently damaged it. Ok on to the real conversation.

Walker has been doing the crazy puppy crack run as I like to call it. He sprints from one end of the house to the other grabbing his toys and throwing them. Its the only time he ever tucks his tail under his butt. The rest of the time he leaves it up or trailing behind him. He has also recently started leaving his toys in odd places. Inside the clothes basket of shoes. On the TV stand in front of the DVD player. In the chair. And today...on the coffee table. He has also started doing the...we shall call it the humpty dance...with his pillow. He is showing it that he is dominate. Hopefully this will lesson when he gets neutered because WOW does it make me feel uncomfortable. haha. He is next to impossible to stop though so unless he starts attacking people I'm just gonna let him be. The picture is of his toy on the table just in case you were confused.

We also got washable pee pads this week in the mail. Life saver! Now I realize that my puppy is weird for peeing inside, but it works like a dream for us especially since the latest fight against kennel cough. They are amazing. I bought them from a breeder I met on my Yorkie website. She made them out of medical absorbant pads made for beds or wheel chairs and put a nice fabric on the absorbant side. He loves them and we no longer have any issues of only putting his front feet on the pad and peeing next to it.

We're so far doing well on our Weight Watchers adventure. Hot dogs are 5 points each. Monster Khaos is like 4. We've been working hard at somehow maintaining his points while working 14 hour shifts and overnights. Its going ok. He gets taped on Tuesday soooo...who knows. Wish us luck!


  1. My Lulu used to do crazy things like that too. She even had a "boyfriend" a brown and white stuffed dog that she designated as her humping buddy. Now that we have 2 dogs they just chase each other around and fight over toys. Glad your blog is fixed!

  2. I know we've drawn comparisons before between your pup and my youngest...but Tyler just brought his toy remote over and set it on the table where the real ones go...while I was reading your post. I feel he doesn't want to be outdone!

  3. Haha. I think that Tyler and Walker will be good friends.