Sunday, February 8, 2009

And the fun has started.

**beware if you are not a fan of bodily functions or pregnancy...walk away**

So I think my body is definitely ready to get the party started. I haven't felt much different since becoming pregnant. Now mind you, I'm only about 6 weeks along so I have plenty of time to feel like poop. I felt an odd heaviness in my stomach that I figured meant I was on my way to getting sick...instead I'm pretty sure it was my body's first "I'm Pregnant" announcement. Other than that...I've been fine. Until yesterday. My husband and I went to the commissary to get some granola bars and fruit to take to work with him, since he's started sneaking them into his police bag. I got to pick where we ate lunch. I chose McDonald's.

We don't go very often maybe once every couple months? But McDonald's around the world is much different than the US. They cater to the country they are located in with different sandwiches and sides etc. In Germany they give you the choice of mayo or ketchup for your fries. The McRib is a full time menu item. There's other random burgers that are fun as well. So when we go, we like to expand out of our comfort zone and eat something that isn't available in the US. Yesterday we got a sandwich called the Big Rosti. It was delicious. Burger with a hashbrown patty, cheese, some sauce, and an Onion roll. Not so healthy, but yummy! So we proceed to come home and eat. Mmmm. So good! Little while later we're hanging out on the couch watching The Pretender season 1 on DVD and BAM! I almost died. Ran to the bathroom. Proceeded to relieve my body of all remnints of McDonald's food as well as anything else I had been lucky enough to eat. Eww. So I'm not sure if I should blame it on the McDonald's or the baby, but since Nick was fine and thought the situation amusing...I'm blaming the baby. =D

That's all. Just 8 more months of random physical symptoms and baby kicks and I will be good to go!


  1. Ugh.... Hope it's true that most women only get sick the first quarter of pregnancy

  2. That's how I found out I was preggers with my last two. The magical breakfast reruns. Stock up on pretzels, crackers, sprite and gingerale. Here's to it being a first trimester only thing.