Thursday, February 5, 2009

At a lose for words.

I don't mind the army life. I really don't. I don't see my husband as much as I'd like, but we work with it and it's ok. It's nice to know that with enough persistence you can find someone that knows the answer somewhere. It's reassuring that if I cry in the PX for no apparent reason, someone else has done it too, and the other wives will guess that the husband is deployed. Somehow...we got put in the platoon and company from hell. Our first assignment and it's hell. Here I am crying once again because this is ridiculous. The other wives tell us newbs that it's not all like this. That we will get a better assignment. That my husband won't be an E-3 forever. We've even been told that we're lifer's because we're good at waht we do. Ha. Like that makes it easier. Like that makes sitting here and watching all the wrong things happen ok. I am avoiding telling the soldiers that I'm pregnant becaus I don't want to be involved in the drama. The wives that think they control the platoon and talk about things they shouldn't with people they shouldn't talk to. The Article 15's. The back stabbing. The fact that everyone trys so hard to get a leg up on someone else that they ignore the facts that they aren't perfect either.

So here I sit. Angry and crying. Another promotion. For another soldier with a couple of very impressive Article 15's on the way. He's also flagged. Can't pass tape. It is so frustrating. I feel as though we should just f*** up. It work's for everyone else. Lets crash a patrol car. Sleep with someone else's wife. Maybe I should pretend that it's someone elses baby, because trust me, that's what the cool kids do. Another new team leader. My husband isn't on a team at all at the moment. The are supposed to be training to deploy. There are soldiers without a team, and that have only gone to the range as a driver, now being told they are gunners. I am scared my husband is going to die, because someone does something stupid.

So there you go. A long post for a girl at a lost of words. I want to go somewhere that makes sense. I want to leave hell.


  1. I'm really sorry!!! I don't understand some of the terms you used, but I understand enough that it's not fair what is going on and that you are very very mad. I'm sorry!!!

  2. sweetie, some of the crap is normal...the backstabbing, the cattyness (if that's how it's spelled, might be catiness??), the wives who think they wear rank my experience that's military life. But, I haven't experienced the other junk...and still find it hard to tell you anything other than I'm sorry. I find it so hard to believe they just keep getting to screw up and there's no chain for you to complain to. There's always a ombudsman for you, a higher-up of some sort for hubby...and they're supposed to be there for answers, support, advice, complaints...they're supposed to be there! It's really ridiculous! re-freakin-diculous!!!

    I am sorry. I love you.

  3. Ugh, what a bummer. I haven't had any experiences with wives like that yet, but I am really sorry you're having to go through that. How long has your husband been in the Army? Hopefully he gets promoted to Specialist as soon as his 1.5 years comes around. (Though the Army can say he'll get promoted, it can take months on top of that -- that's what happened to us.)

  4. We have a wonderful assortment of unpleasant as well as occasionally down right rude wives here. There are a few that are sweetheart's, it's just finding them alone and not surrounded by the crazy ones. My husband is also an MP so alot of non-MP wives won't even give me the time of day. We don't know if he'll get promoted or not since currently he's flagged for being not passing tape. But I'd rather he be E-3 forever with a sense of pride in himself than follow the footsteps of some of his more...silly...counterparts.

  5. Ok, I'm commenting this way so I can hopefully keep track of comments. Normally, I subscribe to Blogger comments, but I am not getting that option for some reason on your blog. *shrug*

    That is really sucky about the wives. I have been here since June, and we are just now starting to make friends. We joined a group of people that get together off post for Bible study and dinner, and we're starting to click with people there. However, most of my days are just spent alone in our *lovely* (not) on-post apartment. It's getting a little old...I'd love a job, but as I'm learning, it's not too easy to come by one over here.

  6. Oh, and at the 1.5 year mark, hopefully they will promote him since he's not eligible before then :)

  7. There should be a link that says suscribe by e-mail that'll work. If its not there, then I'm of no help cuz I don't know where it went.=D

    It's really hard to find a job here too. I even applied to volunteer places and was told they didn't need any. I've sort of put the search on hold until post baby anyway. I don't know if I'll work at all in Germany we only have/need one car and I'd like to keep it that way. We have a very hard time finding friends here. Although we do love Germany. Our chain of command urges us strongly to not hang out with anyone of higher rank and most of the privates are young and spend alot of their time doing stupid stuff and going out. Neither of us really enjoy that. We're hoping that with the new shipment of people we're getting this month we'll find some friends.

  8. Well good luck with the new friends thing! (And congrats on the pregnancy, too!)

    We have the same issue with socializing with people of higher rank/officers. We aren't really the typical Army couple. Oh well!

    And like you guys, we also only have one car, which is why I just kind hang out here while John is at work. His kaserne for work is about 15 minutes away, so he definitely needs the car. The commissary is basically next door, so I walk over there during the day to do our shopping. At least it gives me something to do!

    And thanks for the pointer about how to subscribe. I got it now! :)