Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Baby Journals. Week 2.

So week two is upon us. Well...week two of the pregnancy journals. By American standard's I'm at day 41 of week 6. By German standards...I don't have a due date yet. They won't give me one until the baby is 1 cm big. Then they'll guesstimate the due date by the baby's size yada yada.

Morning sickness is upon us full force. It is not fun for me. Husband is generally not home. Walker on the other hand thinks it's a spectator sport. I run to the bathroom...he races me. I throw up he's either propped up on the edge of the toilet watching closely or on my back trying to get me to pay attention to him. Needless to say...I do not appreciate his involvement. =D The smell of onions results in immediate backlash. The other night I was going to back meatballs for the husband to have nice little meatball subs. Yea...ended badly. By the time my husband got home 3 hours later I was in the bedroom curled into the fetal position and the onions were closed in the kitchen. I made husband clean them up and air out the apartment. He's a good husband. Other than the onions no particular thing had led to throwing up. But it happens every day regardless. I keep telling the husband that his baby is grumpy. Husband keeps telling me that when it's grumpy, it's my baby. =D

My weight is already changing. But I have no idea how much since the OBGYN didn't weigh me. Weird...I think. So my little tummy is getting bigger, but I don't think its noticeable to anyone but me yet. I button my pant's when we go out in public. =D When we're at home I either wear sweatpants or his shorts. I'm going to invest in some bella band type products pretty soon. To cover up the fact that I can't button my pants.

My breasts (boobs, bosom...whatever you want to call them) are wayyyyy sore. Poor husband has to keep his distance or I lash out. Walker has gotten yelled at a time or two also. He enjoys prancing across my chest when he's on the bed. It hurts and I yell at him. Husband just shakes his head and tells Walker pregnant woman are difficult. I tell him we're cute. =D I am not looking forward to having to buy a new bra. Just in case you're curious...I know you are...My breasts are about a size and a half different normally. I'm pretty convinced that the bigger of the two is going to just keep growing, while the little one stays...well...little. Sigh. Well, if I'm lopsided...I'll know that its my breasts fault. Stupid things anyway.

That's all I got for this week folks. See you next week for the pregnancy fiasco continued.


  1. oh, make me smile:) Bellabands are great and there are actually maternity pants out there that aren't horrible, although it's probably early for that. As for your'll be amazed the changes they'll go through over the next several years...they won't likely ever be the size they were again. No guarantees they'll be better or worse, but they'll likely be different than now! I've been so many different sizes in the last 6 years! I can't wait to get a bra fitting when nursing is said and done and see where I settle for a while!

    enough about me, though...sorry you're so sick, but glad walker and Nickoli are overjoyed to make light of it...and hope it only continues for the next few weeks and fades away! (BTW...Uncle Scott thinks he's getting a neice)

  2. I know after the length of my last comment you might find it hard to believe, but I forgot something! Where's your barf bucket, girl? Don't keep chasing Walker to the bathroom...keep a bucket, bag, dish towel nearby!

  3. Hope you'll feel better soon.
    Not being pregnant, this really sounds kinda funny. But I know it's not.

    I'm also throwing up daily, but I wish I had a beautiful reason like you. ;-)

    But yeah, get out your barf bucket lol

  4. I hated morning sickness :( I had it all day & night all 4 times I was pregnant. Blah. Hope yours gets better :) And I have a little tip for you if you can sew... I sewed elastic pieces into both sides of my jeans and they stretched with was a great money saver :D

  5. awwww Sweetie, I'm so sorry your feeling well. Morning sickies suck. Hope it passes quickly.

  6. wow...sounds like fun...not so much. Sorry your feeling poopy but hopefully it will be better soon! I think its funny that Walker feels the need to "participate", he's trying to be supportive. Don't feel bad about not buttoning your pants, sometimes with certain annoying jeans of mine, I don't button the top either, and I'm not even pregnant. ha!

  7. YOur so darn cute. You make me glad I'm done having kids though!!

  8. Mary Teresa you've won an award ♥ CLICK HERE to get it :D