Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Two Cents...

So over at Tutu's Bliss, one of those places where all the cool kids hang out, it is two cent's Tuesday. And if nothing else I do LOVE to share my opinion on anything. Mostly since I'm always right. And full of helpful goodness. Yup. Tis true!

The topic on discussion at the home site...is...Mommy Paranoia. That fear that everything bad in the world is going to happen to your kids no matter what you teach them. Wanna chime in? Just head on over, she loves new friends!

My two cent's this week is respect. I was brought up learning respect for family and for elders and for anyone in authority. That people earned respect, but they could also lose it. I respect my parents to the max. They are awesome people with morals and a sense of right and wrong. I didn't respect President Clinton personally since I feel as though sleeping around in the White House is waaaayyy wrong. I do respect the fact that he was our president though and would still call him sir if given the option.

Now here is my problem. How am I supposed to respect someone that doesn't respect themselves, their spouse, their soldiers, or their rank? I'm supposed to not tell you that you're an idiot when you spend the day before Valentine's, drunk in the club, touching female privates (in your platoon), while your pregnant wife waits at home. What? Run that by me again. You deserve absolutely no respect. And if you can't respect the fact that you're in a position of authority and therefore shouldn't be touching let alone dancing on females that are under you in the chain of command why in the heck should I? Hello inappropriate!

One time things. OK. Mistakes...happen. Regularly using not only your rank inappropriately but also lying about the state of your relationship as well as your job? No Go. You call me standoff-ish...you have no idea. I am trying to control my venom in your direction since I RESPECT your RANK. Even if you do not deserve to wear it.

I'm going back to bed now since I'm pregnant and can do that. Have sweet dreams about people doing the right thing when the opportunity arises...sigh. I hate people. =D


  1. Absolutely.no.respect.

    Hope were able to get some good sleep. Pregnant gals need it. =)

  2. I would definitely have venom spitting that direction too :o

  3. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  4. Hi I'm dropping in quite randomly so you don't know me... what a lovely blog template you're using: where on earth did you get that from?
    Re the title petite, plump or pregnant ~ I VERY nearly put my foot in it twice in the past couple of weeks asking ladies who were just a little "large" whether they were pregnant. Thankfully time-before-comment twilight-zone selector put reality on rewind first and I never spewed said inconvenient comment!

  5. Was he touching females who are privates or females' privates? Just thought that was funny :)

    You're doing a great job biting your tongue...love you.

  6. Sometimes it's hard to bite your tongue, I can only imagine in those situations.

    Hope you had a good nap - get them in while you can! I'm missing the days of napping whenever I wanted.

  7. oooh...I would have a VERY hard time biting my tongue. Seriously. Not right.

  8. Goes back to that age old adage - Respect to be respected. I'm sure his privates are going to be so respectful as they are testifying to his behavior. I'd go back to bed too pooh!