Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Egads Batman!

So I'm very excited to say that with the help of some kind hearted bloggers, I have managed to figure out how to email Mckmama to receive my very cool prize. Woot! Husband dearest laughed at me when I told him I didn't know how to e-mail her and said (and I quote), "You spend all your time on there and you don't even know how to e-mail anyone?" haha. Apparently winning a Mckmama contest is like the equivalent of winning a grammy. I'm now famous...although not as rich as I would care to be. ;D

Thank you to all the friendly and kind hearted people spreading the love on my happy blog home. I appreciate it so much.

On to the next topic. The husband is dying. Or at least he believes so. He has a wicked cold and sore throat thanks to the SPC in charge of the arms room. "He breathed on me," which is now considered a federal offense since my husband is owned by the army and breathing sickness on him is considered damaging government property. Right? Needless to say he's informed me 4 times today that he feels like a pile of dog poop. So I being the kind and loving wife I am have rubbed his back and has feet and his arms and let him sleep for most of the day. This niceness will last until he tells me one more time that he feels like dog poop at which time I may hit him over the head with something so he goes to sleep. Ok but in reality he is sickly and I do feel bad for him...just not too bad. I was sickly at our wedding and he made me drive the truck to the hotel. (In heels and a giant wedding dress.) Turn about's fair play!

Once again abrupt subject change because I can. Why do I panic when people say things to me in German? I mean I can understand and speak a little. Instead I panic say that I don't speak German and run for my life. Luckily I have no yet panicked enough to say the first line of German I learned from the Army family..."My German is dog *poop*" Note--poop is not the actually translation. Poor husband usually just shakes his head at me. Seriously I don't think the German population is generally known for abusing silly American's that don't have perfect pronunciation.


  1. Glad you figured out how to get your prize! :) Sorry your hubby is sick. Mine's the same way. He's a big baby when he's sick but says it's not that bad when I'm sick. What? LOL Ok, subject change...I have no idea why you would do that silliness :-) but I think it's awesome you can say My German is dog poop in German!

  2. I love your random ramblings...just thought I'd let you know!