Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I won something. Me. Won. Something. Not even just something...but something off of Mckmama's blog. Hers is like the mother of all blogs and I won something. YAY!

OK now here's the problem. I'm supposed to e-mail her my information. do I e-mail her? I admit it...I'm a newbie. Sigh. I'm sssooo excited...but I feel like such a dork. If anyone would like to assist me in how to locate Mckmama's e-mail...that'd be great. If not...I'll just have her give it to someone else since I can't complete the transaction. haha.


  1. WOW how exciting!!!!!

    Just leave her a comment maybe and tell her you don't know where to email. I have no clue!!!!

    But congratulations!

  2. Hi!
    First off congratulations on winning!! You are too lucky, that tree art looks gorgeous!

    MckMama's email is linked at the top of her blog where it says "Click here if you're interested in advertising on my blog." above the button for Abby. Hope this helps =]


  3. Hey I saw you won at MckMama's blog. Congrats! I was looking at your profile and see you have Germany listed as your location. I'm also a military wife living in Germany, so I wanted to say hi :o)

  4. You're welcome =] Happy to help!

    Well if you are coming over here to get some of them, I'd be quick! You never know, I may have bought them all =P

  5. Sister o' Mine, you didn't just win won something very cool! I checked out the Scribbles site...very neat things! Don't give your gift up...go get it!!!! yeah :)

  6. If your still having problems with her email ive got it in my address book, so you can email me for it because i know she doesnt like it posted on the internet for all to see lol. Congrats by the way!

  7. Yup...I've been known to store ALL SORTS OF THINGS in my bra! Haha

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Please feel free to visit again, anytime!

  8. Yay! congrats! I saw you won a really really really cool prize from mckmama! To be honest, another reason I posted my NMM was to have the chance to win...

  9. Here is the email address from her site
    congrats on winning!

  10. Lucky you!! I'll admit, I wanted to win that...but I don't mind that some other lucky girl won! Have fun with all that goodness! =)

    (And I hope you figured out how to contact MckMama) =)