Monday, February 2, 2009

It wasn't me!

Not Me Monday has rollllled around again. Yay!

So if you want some good laughs and occasionally a good cry, head on over to MckMama's place, link yourself up and start enjoying some free therapy. All while you get to deny all the stupid things you've done in the past week. Enjoy!

This week I...

did not confuse Jack Black with Philip Seymour Hoffman. I am too young to be out of my mind. (They do look similar...don't try to deny it.)

did not confuse Bloodhound Gang (I band that sings a lot of dirty songs) with Relient K (a nice Christian little boy band that doesn't swear and is way cool.) I repeat I am too young to be out of my mind.

I also didn't drag my husband out of the house in the darkness to rescue a poor abandoned dresser. Because I have some silly idea that I can refinish it. Poor husband did not ask if he could just buy me one. and I most certainly did not say "No! this is cheaper." Poor husband.

I do not want to kick someone in the shin because now the 11 hour shifts have turned into like 12 or 13 sometimes even 14 until further notice. Lets do some simple math. 24-14= 10. That's the amount of time, in hours, my husband has between shifts. 8. That's the amount of time my husband and everyone else has been ordered to sleep in order to avoid crashing cars. 10-8=2. The amount of time that my husband has left in his day if not sleeping or on shift. 2. the amount of hours he is supposed to do of pt per day. 2-2=0. The amount of time remaining to eat nutritiously, do his paperwork, see his wife, and generally study for his gunner stuff. Sigh. Brilliant math skills guys!

Finally....I did not leave the bean dip on the coffee table last night while I dragged poor husband after the dresser. Walker ,the little angel, apparently does not have a liking for bean dip. he ate what he could reach. Walker, the angel, did not have cream cheese residue in his beard. Snot rocket. I did not save the remaining bean dip after cutting around his little teeth marks.

So what didn't you do this week?


  1. that would be soooo me!!!! I love old furniture and like to think i am good at refinishing stuff. Hubby doesn't think so lol

    the shift-thing is ridiculous!!!! what are they thinking????

    Toni got into our Leberwurst last night, I forgot to put it up!!!

  2. ok, bean dip is def one of the greatest things in the world...i would save it too! and, hey, if you ever need help on a dresser rescue, you let me know! i'm all about that!

  3. I hope Walker's belly did not rebel against the bean dip. If so, I hope he slept in a different room...for your sakes :)

  4. I have had an old chair sitting in my basement for a year now. I dragged it home from down the street with the intention of recovering it. Hasn't happened yet...

  5. lol! i love that you cut around the teeth marks and saved the dip! love it!

  6. Have fun refinishing the dresser. Sounds like something I wouldn't do, either. ;P

  7. How funny, just the other day one of the girls at work was playing a Bloodhound Gang song on the computer...I haven't heard that name is YEARS and now I've heard it twice in the last month...

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Its just a blessing to know that people in this world care. Thank you for being a wonderful blogging friend.

  8. Ahhh! That was NOT YOU with the bean dip...say it aint so! You are too funny! Hang in there, girlfriend...I'm hoping the days when you get to spend more quality time with your hubby will be soon! Hugs, Amy