Monday, February 23, 2009

Not me monday!

It's Monday again. Yay for that. That means that we have a whole bunch of Not Me's circling the internet in mad fashion. Mckmama is the mastermind behind this whole fiasco and boy is it fun! Try it out then go read more once everyone has linked to Mckmama. I mean, seriously, any excuse to deny all the silly things you and yours have done recently.

I have not taken up hibernation residence on the couch. Pregnant women are capable of doing just as much as not pregnant women...when they aren't fighting mightily to not throw up.

I am very sick of the "Octu-mom" fiasco. The mom is an idiot. You've established that. So donate what you can to the kids. Car seats, clothes, bikes whatever. And leave the woman alone. Stop interviewing her. Whatever. I win.

My husband is not gone for a week. And I am not sad about it. I like my husband and I want him to be home. He'll be gone for a year soon enough.

I am not wearing the same clothes I've worn all weekend. I have taken a shower this week. (that's a lie =D) The shower does not make me dizzy and want to fall over.

My dog does not have a hopeless obsession with my underthings. When I went to bed last week before the husband and left Walker out with the Door open, Walker did not drag out 16 socks, 4 pairs of underwear, two bras, and 3 shirts. From the dirty laundry. My husband did not put them all on a chair in the living room...where they do not remain at this moment. If someone came into my living room they would not think that I run around naked 90% of the time because all my clothes are sitting on that one chair.

That's all I got folks. Happy Not Me Monday! And please play along!


  1. I've spent, I mean I've not spent days in the same clothes before either... Nope!!!


  2. Oh my, your dog stealing your undergarments is priceless! My childhood pooch used to do that too! When finally i had to get a hamper with a LID on it! Cute Not Me!

  3. Oh Walker...he's great. Sorry your hubby is gone, just stay on the couch. I think thats probably best. I may stay on the couch today too...

  4. Sorry you miss your hubby :( That sucks. But great list otherwise lol loved the laundry lovin dog!

  5. Sweetie...I totally wish I should be there to rub your feet and fetch you water and croissants and doners! love you