Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taco Salad.

Everybody loves taco salad. I mean seriously it is quite delicious. When the platoon comes back from the field we're having a BBQ for them, and I'm making, you guessed it, Taco Salad. Not just any old Taco Salad...but Aunt Patty's Taco Salad. Now Annie, I know you know what I'm talking about. I've never had it anywhere but at family get-togethers and if she decides to be different and bring say, scalloped potatoes, the family starts a rebellion. Since there are approximately 1 billion of us, it's quite the fiasco. =D

Ground beef, Catalina dressing, tomatoes, lettuce, taco seasoning, crunched up Doritos. A little bit of heaven in a bowl. Trust me it's delicious. I found some recipes online for it. Some call for onions or peppers. One says to put the dressing on the salad and then leave it over night. Some people say that a "fiesta ranch" works better, or that Fritos are just as delicious as Doritos when sprinkled on top.

To each their own. But Friday afternoon my pregnant little self will do my best to make Taco Salad for the BBQ, preferably without morning sickness negatively affecting it. I'm sure it won't be Aunt Patty's. It won't sit in the fridge overnight. It will be mine. A little bit of home. Just a little bit of that feeling you get at Kral Family Christmas when you get in line and scoop some of that tacoy deliciousness onto your plate and hope that there will be enough for seconds...and thirds. Comfort food in all its wonder.

Oh, and it will also be delicious.


  1. That sounds too good to eat!!! I HAVE to try that! My Hubby was drooling when He read that too! I know what we're having for dinner....:)

  2. Yum I'm on my way! I going to Germany? lol That sounds delicious!!

  3. Is that the recipe? I have seriously had dreams about this taco salad and it's one of the things I miss most about not being home for the family gatherings! Let me know how close you get it...and then I'll try my own. It sounds SO good!!!