Monday, February 16, 2009

Not me Monday...again.

So once again the time has rolled around again. The time for not me!

Mckmama is the ringmaster of this three-ring circus. She's way fun. and let me win a prize last week. Which is SUPER EXCITING! WOOT! So let me tell you what didn't happen this week and get the party started.

I did not go to my first German OB appointment by myself because the husband was working. It was not super nervous and I am not proud of myself for doing it.

Walker did not chew a hole in my wall. Just a little hole, mind you, but a hole none the less. My dog is not a wall-licker/eater. Little butt head.

My husband has not eaten hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon for dinner the past two days...and for breakfast right now...They are not somewhat healthy since we used turkey hot dogs and turkey bacon.

We did not spend a good 20 minutes complaining about the FRG. Seriously. I assure you that driving 40 minutes to a place we don't know is not the most comforting situation. It's OUR FRG. Why do we have to drive to you? Seriously. It's not my fault that you stuck us out here by ourselves. No wonder we seem like outcasts...we are. Deal with it and stop complaining that we don't volunteer to drive 40 minutes to you. Why should we? THIS is our home.

We did not have a wonderful valentines day and eat at an awesome chinese restaurant. I have not decided that this is my restaurant request for the remainder of my pregnancy. I heart Chinese!

That's all I got folks! Have a wonderful week and remember to head on over and visit Mckmama and her Many Small Children. There will be plenty of other fun and funny stories to read. As well as a few more serious ones.


  1. I also do NOT have a small hole in my wall from my doggies too...nice job surviving the foreign OB appointment, I'm a little terrified of situations like that. Great Not Me's!

  2. We both not me-ed about Chinese this week lol

    Great NMM!

  3. Your husband and mine would get along tremendously. Except mine would use beef and pork~no turkey for him!
    Have an awesome week!

  4. My dog is totally a wall eater too! I wonder what makes them do that?!?

  5. A hole in your wall? How does that even happen? Hahahahah. Sorry. Not funny.

  6. I could have my husband do anything I ask if I served him hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Put it on pizza and he'd probably kiss my feet :)

  7. I have only braved FRG once. It scares me. And I miss the food there so much!!