Monday, February 2, 2009


Yeehaw! It's now 12:08. (In Germany) The pregame is playing and I'm waiting patiently. Walker's running around like a mad dog swinging his tennis ball on a rope. He has gotten used to our crazy hours. He sleeps when we sleep, plays when we play. I'm drinking my nice cold glass of water. We had Buffalo Chicken Soup. It wasn't as good as I'd hope quite honestly. I got the recipe from my Crockpot cooking friend Stephanie. It was ok mind you...not bad. I'd much rather have had it as a thicker dip. Probably won't have it again. We had bean dip, that Walker quite happily ate some of when I dragged my husband out the house to pick up a discarded dresser. Little snot rocket. ate about a half cup of it. I dread picking up his puppy poop tomorrow. Refried beans are probably not the best thing for doggy digestion. Also had artichoke dip that I wasn't too fond of. Sigh. I was disappointed in my superbowl dinner spread. Next year I'll do better. I promise husband! National Anthem is happening. We're so close. Go Cardinals!

I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Scott says "how dare you forget your Northeastern roots?" I say...whatever! As long as it's a good game!

    We had wings and pizza for dinner...yummy stand bys. I made some homemade guac and salsa (not homemade) and we just snacked on them...after we did our ab exercises!