Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Baby Journals. Week 6.

It's not Thursday ( I don't think.) No guarantees...I just sort of guess at the days most of the time. You're getting the updates a day early because the last few days have been rough and I want to whine a little. Where better then my blog? (AKA Where my husband can't pick on me for Warning...the next paragraph shares WAY too much aware.

The last three days have sucked. Throwing up is apparently my favorite past time. I have also recently started peeing my pants every time I vomit. There is nothing to make you feel worse about yourself than reliving everything you have (or haven't) eaten in the last few hours, then sitting on the bathroom floor (in a small little puddle) bawling your eyes out and yelling for your husband because you need new pants. Poor husband is then forced to cuddle with his bleary eyed buddha bellied wife while she sniffles until the next bout of emesis attacks. I have now started taking my pants off while I throw up. Crafty huh?

Baby is pretty much plum sized now. He's slowly expanding my belly. Sadly, my pants and shirts, while still fitting, are no longer meeting in the middle. I got my bella bands yesterday though. YAY! So now I can at least put a little fabric between the top and the bottom. Woot! Next week I have another OB appointment....with my doctor if I show up on the right day.

On another note, we've already started looking for baby names because we have some important requirements to meet. A.) We need to like it. B.) It should be unique, but not crazy. and C.) No one else in either of our gigantic families has it. For example...There are two cousin Kellys, one boy one girl. Three aunt Tinas and three aunt Judy's. We dont' know if we'll find out the sex of the baby, but we're picking out names regardless. We loved the name Cadence, then his sister just had a baby and named him Cayden. lol. So...we've sorta put that one on the outs. He's a cutie though...we say some pictures.

That's all for now...I'll get back to you next week.


  1. picking names is fun...especially when you've got lots of time to enjoy the process! Have fun with it. Don't tell anyone who might steal it either...remember Kristi would have been Jody if Mom hadn't taken it from Uncle Joe and Aunt tina!

    As for peeing...very clever to outwit your body by the removal of your pants! good job. I'm still hopeful that your yucky pregnancy symptoms will go away in a few weeks. I love you. :)

  2. I hate that you're having such a hard time :( I hope it gets better soon! We had the worst time choosing names and ended up completely traditional (Christina Marie, Melanie Anne, Patrick Randal, Daniel Louis) sooooo I'm no help LOL sorry sweetie