Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cloth Diapers.

So I'm still a slacking blogger. I know this. I just like to think I'm busy. HA. Excuses.

(Totally off topic but in Bolivia they apparently use Llama fetuses to bless people...While eating Cocoa leaves {the same kind that you can make drugs out of} I am fairly curious about this Llama fetus waving about your head thing though...not gonna lie.)

So I've been debating using cloth diapers. Well they aren't easy, I don't think they're really all that much more tricky than disposables...(did that sentence make sense?) Baby diaper blowouts occur in any's just the way of the world. I think we're going to go at least partially cloth while in Germany. Mostly because disposables are SOOO expensive.

(Another totally off topic insert, apparently I'm way easily distracted today. There is a "yield to frogs" sign here in Germany. How funny that frgos have the right of way in some places...hahahah)

Now my husbands family is...interesting. For the most part very nice cool people, but very involved and very...competitive. His brother and sister in law cloth diaper, but (in my opinion and WE all know that I'm right) Don't do it in the easiest of fashion. They a.) do it everywhere...including his graduation from basic training. They tried to change a blow out inside the auditorium at his graduation. Seriously. It smelled and there were thousands (ok at least hundreds) of other people trying to watch their sons, daughters, husbands, brothers, graduate. Just common sense...take screaming poop covered child somewhere private. Ok not really a cloth diaper issue now that I've got it written out. It also takes both of them to change the diaper...always...because two hands are apparently not enough. But they also do not flush the poop at other peoples houses, or have something like a wet bag to put soiled diaper in. So the really poopy diaper goes in a plastic bag. Doesn't that defeat the "green" aspect of it? I am worried that if we cloth diaper our baby it will turn into a competition. "Well do you use 100% organic non bleached hand woven salt and pepper free pre-folds?" "No?" "Well we do." Well ok then. I know I worry about stupid stuff...its bred into me. Sigh. Hopefully It will not fall to this level of....pettiness. I hope.

On another note. I think cloth diapering is totally cool in the grand scheme of things...I can even wash them with puppy pads. See? Multi tasking!

(One last off topic observation. Fake professional wrestling...popular in Bolivia...especially with the Woman. Odd. I know.)


  1. I have started to ponder the benefits of cloth diapering myself and I am YEARS away from having kids! I applaud you and I hope it doesnt turn into a competition with other family members!

    Also, I love the yelding to frogs thing! Because Frogs are so much more superior to us Humans ;)

  2. ok so i cloth diapered both of mine for a short while...and I loved it!! we used a diaper service with Kadie but that was 17 years austin we just dumped washed and dried :) You must use covers...and there are several that prevent a matter of fact mckmama just did a post on this :) sgo check her out :)

  3. did you enter the cloth diaper give away???? I haven't even read what it is yet, but think you should win!

  4. I used cloth diapers with my first daughter until the washer was running constantly. She was quite the pooper LOL true story soooo IDK what to tell you. Disposable are very expensive but sometimes to puke factor makes just wadding it up and throwing it away a good thing too. I love the frog sign lol you should take a pic of it! :D

  5. hmm, I'm not really an informed consumer between disposables and be honest, I'll probably go disposable since it seems to be the easiest (even though I'm sure its horrible for the environment). Good luck with your decision.

    Congrats to your hubby for losing 12 lbs, thats very impressive!!! (I'm a little behind)

    Hope your feeling better soon...the joys of pregnancy.