Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Baby Journals. Week 7

This is the little baby at this moment in time. He is happily nestled down in my pelvis wiggling like a worm. My German Dr. is super cool. I had the...pleasure of having both regular and vaginal ultrasounds today since baby was not coming out to play. Instead he chose to hide behind my pelvis (I just accidentally wrote penis...I dunno what I was thinking...luckily I caught it before posting) stealthy little guy. She did the little fold measurement test as that is standard, its the further testing that is not..I was a bit confused. Lol. He has a perfectly normal fold measurement. This doesn't mean that he 100% doesn't have Down's, but instead means his chances of having it are like 1 in a million.

We also got to do another blood draw for my first trimester screening. It was again a complete pain in the arse. The PA was going to draw and I warned her that last time the doc had to do it and I was a hard stick she took a look and ran in fear. So the doctor tried once in my arm and missed. Couldn't find anything resembling a vein in my left and ended up drawing from my hand. It hurt. A lot. Not going to lie. Totally not her fault that my veins are just as stealthy as my little person. The little guy was altogether quite cooperative though and we were done in about 30 minutes. Half of that time was spent trying to find blood.

I haven't thrown up in 4 days maybe? I think Monday was the last time which has me doing a little happy dance. I didn't gain much weight since the last visit, but the doctor didn't seem worried so either will I. Haha. 76.4 Kilo last time 76.5 this time. Then again I do have begin with. I also am starting to definately have a little belly. Still not enough to be dubbed pregnant...just chubby looking. Husband just rolls his eyes at me when I try to show him my buddha belly.

So that is all really for new news. Nothing stellar or amazing, just fun. We have looked at a couple more names we like, but we aren't going to talk about them lest a cousin pops up with a variation of one.


  1. Wow, that really is an amazing Ultrasound pic!!!

    Great you're not throwing up anymore!!!! And glad your baby is not hiding behind your penis. ;-)

  2. Haha I am the polar opposite when it comes to having my blood taken. You can see my veins from a mile away!! And I'm with you on keeping baby names private, I refuse to share mine with a ton of people because I am so afraid of someone "stealing" them. Hehe especially my girl name!

  3. just so you don't really *need* to gain weight until your third don't worry! Plus you've been upchucking quite often...except for the last 4 days! Way to go! On the other hand, if you start gaining weight here and there (or everywhere) then you're doing great too!

    Yay baby Hill! I just shouldn't have a name starting with a P. Then his or her initials will be P. Hill and he'll end up with the nickname Phill (pronounced fill) and I don't think that's cool. So, in case you were considering Penelope or might want to rethink. And don't go for something way out like Mole or Overthe...she won't need that kind of stress!

    I'm still a fan of Lars...although Gracie's vote is Addison. :)

    love you

  4. Wait til you can put a coffee cup on your belly and it stays there LOL It's fun :) That picture is awesome! I'm amazed by technology today.