Monday, March 23, 2009

I can deny everything

Welcome to Not Me Monday on my blog. It's a fun little game created by the brilliant and bechilded MckMama. It's a place where every mom, mom to be, or ummm...anyone that wants to play....can deny all those somewhat questionable, embarrassing, or laughable moments. So head on over to the MckBlog to play along or just read and laugh with the rest of us.

This week has been a doozy.

I did not (Nor would I ever) Sit happily in the corner of the room at the FRG Easter party eating (a lot) of (delicious) food...alone. I was not just people watching and eating in my own little happy place before I was mobbed by people requesting my presence and worried that I was alone. I was not also kind of sad that my husband was on shift and on a case so he couldn't even stop in and give me a kiss. I did not feel kinda silly for being the only husbandless and childless wife at a party full of families. Oh well. Tis the army life.

I did not rerank my "worst things to throw up" list. Pickles are now number one. Weight Watchers toffee ice cream bars are number two. I also did not rethink my "puke don't poop" campaign. Because I totally didn't bounce the theory off my husband that if I threw up all my food then I'd never need to poop again. My poor husband would never be immersed in my world of pregnancy bodily functions (that totally suck).

Speaking of said husband. He did not have a somewhat surprise PT test today. He is not my hero for running 2-miles in 14:36. He is also not my hero for losing another 3 pounds in the last couple weeks so that he is at 220. I also would never post his weight in my blog...Opps! I am not so proud of him. And I, with all my understanding and love for even the stupid people did not do a little happy dance when he told me everyone that failed the PT test. Especially since the bulk of these guys are either PT-studs or the ones that make fat jokes about my husband. I would not think it fitting that my chubby little husband beat them. Hahahaha. I win!

Finally Walker and I did not have a surprise little puppy date with a German woman I met months ago. She asked me if she could take some baby gates that were in the garbage since someone was PCSing. I said sure and we talked in broken English and poop German for a while. She offered a little costume (I think) for Walker that her dog had out grown. I said sure and told her what apartment was mine and finished our walk. I was not surprised and thrilled when she, her daughters, her dog, and a friend stopped by yesterday to talk. Walker was also not thrilled to have people to love on. It was so nice. And her friend speaks excellent English so I didn't have to fumble around so much and either did she. It was very nice!

I feel like I wrote alot for like 2 not me's. Oh well...Deal. Happy Not Me Monday to all!


  1. Kudos to your Hubby! My hubs has a PT test coming up in June, and lets just say he isnt exactly looking like he did fresh outta basic. But I too will whip his butt into shape ;)

  2. Yay for company :D that's almost always nice :) and I'd be proud of your hubby 3 more pounds! woohoo!

  3. Congrats to you hubby! Way to go beating all those other "fit" guys. Hopefully the puking will stop soon...hopefully?! What kind of costume did she bring for Walker?