Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stellen child and other less important things.

So I know that pretty much everyone out there and blog land has probably heard about poor little 5 month old Stellan and his now 10 days in the PICU due to a super fast heartbeat. If you haven't, please go visit Mckmama and send her some much needed love and support. We're praying for Stellan here and keeping him in thought.

Now on to the less important things. We are officially back from our little foray into Berlin, just husband and I. We had a ton of fun, even though I managed to somehow injure myself so walking for hours was quite painful. We managed to ride the U-bahn without any issues. Walker even came for a ride. We were asked a couple of times where we were visiting from and then tried to explain why we lived in Germany but didn't speak the best German. We loved the Berlin Zoo and Checkpoint Charlie as well as the Berlin Wall history etc. We went all tourist and bought shirts and and a couple glasses and a (probably fake =D) piece of the Berlin Wall. We are very excited to go back in the future and I am excited that I got a chance to go with someone a little more experienced than my touristy friends for my first trip. In about 4 weeks, I'll be going back on my own with two purebred Americans. Hopefully it'll go well!

All and all we had a blast. Even though we took a nap every afternoon and were in bed by 11 it was still an awesome experience. I'll post a few pictures later, once I find my favorites out of the 700 we took. Lol.


  1. Glad you had fun!! Welcome back!

  2. 700? LOL you're as bad as me :-D

    We're praying for Stellen too..bless his little heart :(