Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Happy 'Ole Berlin pictures.

So I realize that these probably won't be as cool to you guys as they are to me. Neither my husband or I are photographers so they're just random semi-crappy photos. haha. Oh well. You'll survive and just have to visit Berlin all by yourselves for the real thing. =D

Above is the Berlin "Walk" Light. You can find souvenirs with this guy on them all over the city

A church a couple hundred yards away from our hotel. It was beautiful.
The Kindergarten across from the hotel Seriously the coolest kindergarten ever.
Me on the bed with my short little hairs. And Walker drinking out of a glass. haha. You can see the beginning of my buddha belly!
A tunnel. It was 7,682 meters long. Luckily I didn't do anything silly like try to hold my breath through it.


  1. Love the Pics! Glad you liked Berlin!!! If I were to chose one City in Germany to live in, I'd chose Berlin.

  2. That was totally neat =) and your short hair is adorable!

  3. good choice on not holding your breath...don't try that whilst preggo!

    I like your hair...very fun!

    And, have you named the car yet?

  4. That little man is too cute. I love that Walker drinks out of a glass...he's so classy. Cute hair!