Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh I love the life.

So this weekend more fiasco's in the army life. Both incident's onvolved large amounts of alcohol and radiating stupidity. One of the guys feels like an idiot about what he did, and the other...well the other doesn't seem to give a rat's behind. These are both guys that we consider friends and I do like them both, but I hate when people do stupid stuff and then try to avoid the fallout.

Then to make matters more interesting there is another meeting with the same angry nco's that we've had. Screaming. Telling the guys they're idiots. "We're going for the maximum punishment." Ok fine. I get it. Is this the same maximum punishment that involves starting article 15 procceedings until they...disappear. So, the angry Nco's (mind you, I understand why they're angry. I'm pretty angry too) trash all the soldiers rooms. Not the soldiers that were stupid. All the soldiers. The soldiers that were working. The one's that were sleeping. I don't understand how that helps. I get the anger, but punishing people for doing nothing makes them want to at least do something before they called yelled at. I mean seriously. You're going to chapter my husband out because he's fat. Give him an Article 15 for not being within army standard. Can he at least hit someone in the face to earn this Article 15? If you're going to get yelled at just the same as the one that broke his door in a drunken rage, why not be the one in the drunken rage? Not the right outlook, but the one that the majority of these soldiers are resorting too. I mean why not? They're gonna get in trouble anyway.

On another more pleasant note, we went out Saturday night to the pub and had a lot of fun. I ended up with green alcohol on my skirt thank's to my husband. =D He started off saying "I'm not going to drink alot." Well there were birthday's and babies and people headed home to drink to. Ever new person that met us at the pub involved one more drink...or two. It was a lot of fun, but he did end up drinking more than previously expected. It was fun. I do love the pub!


  1. ugh I would be pissed too. They should only punish the guilty. Glad you got to have some fun though ♥

  2. That drives me nuts too!! Hubby got called in to clean up a hanger that filled with fire retardant foam and he didnt even set the thing off! He then got yelled at by his supervisor! Sigh, Military

    On a more positive note, I too LOVE pubs!! Fish and Chips!!! yummmm!!!