Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Zoo!

These are the lions sleeping. They stretched a couple times and that was about it.
I like to call these Jackalopes. They look like rabbits. Then they take off running like little cheetahs!
Swan! Wwwaaayyyy too white for a wild bird. Or a zoo bird at least.
Camel! He was HUGE and very very very furry. Apparently you shave them like sheep and make things out of their fur. Whoda thunk.
Pooping baby llama. Because EVERYONE needs a picture of a pooping baby llama. He was a cute little bugger. Daddy llama had just pooped in the same spot. We have a picture of him pooping too if you're interested! =D


  1. Awesome pics! ;-) Especially the Llama ones

  2. lmao @ the pooping llama :p too the lion pic!