Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Life is crazy around here. Just when I say maybe the unit is getting better, it all blows up again. This really is a small vortex of hell right here in central Germany for my own person enjoyment. We may or may not be slated for deployment. There are three different stories coming from the leadership. None of which is particularly pleasant. They are doing pre deployment paperwork in the coming days, so Lord only knows what THAT means. With this unit, it probably means they're getting ready to lose it at least twice so they have to start early. We have some crap happening at home too which just makes life easier in my own small corner of hell. Baby and I are doing great. I'm finally 100% over my cough/cold/throat thing. I'll try to remember to post a belly shot for all tomorrow. Do not get overly excited as I will probably be taking it by myself and will therefore return to the headless legless pregnant torso. Take care of the people you love. Hold them close and kiss them all over for me tonight, ok?

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  1. you're cute even without a head...thanks for including one every now and then, though. Jace likes to check to see if your ears have gotten smaller, now that you call yourself a hippo!

    sorry about the whole votrex thing...